Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Star That Shines Brightly

Beyonce holds palms of hands with devoted fans,
And they embrace her traits of compassion,
Seeing sincerity in her gentle warmth,
Expressed in her genialness and their happiness,
She performs on stage with a sea of arms waving,
With some fans crying: and others craving
To touch her reciprocally with sensitivity.

She takes fans to realms of euphoria,
With a mass of hysteria -
As she is a goddess with prowess
Strutting her shapely curves -
She is a singing sensation
Oozing sex appeal in flirtation.

She is innovative in how she is creative
Resulting in imaginative stage shows;
Where she shines and glows
With her passion and fashion.

The fans move to her R&B groove
And sing along to her popular songs;
Poetry in motion with their devotion
And her singing supplication.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson.12/03/2017

A shortened version of my last poem. Love you Clare,

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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