Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Star With A Gripe Of Might

Beyonce holds palms of hands with devoted fans, and they embrace her traits of compassion,
And feel sincerity in her gentle warmth, which is expressed in her genialness and their happiness:
Goose-bumps play along with her song of worldly belong, which tease with the ease of her tuneful breeze.

She floats on stage flying in a sea of arms waving, with some crying, and others craving
To touch her reciprocally with sensitivity, as she is a lady in all of her demeanour, which they savour,
And she takes them to her realms of euphoria, with some hysteria, as she is a goddess with prowess,
Who struts her shapely curves, and notes from a throat of worth, and enchants us in her fashion and Passion.

An intellectual with a voice to be heard, with a sound word to play in our ear, that sings along with a Chorus throng, as she embraces a mass of the lower class, who are equal in many respects, and have Hope in her scope of equality, as she, like many of we, has humble roots, which have grown and Sown other seeds of worthy creeds, as she is Christianly in morality, and her values are a sanctity, Shared and cared for in our conceptual reality.

© Andrew Stevenson  12/03/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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