Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Turn For The Worst

Be careful of the deceit with new people you might meet,
And scrutinise to memorise misconceptions to theorise,
And while you ponder in wonder, think what lays on yonder,
As they can seem to cheer to adhere to their wants and spoils.
Be careful as you bend to mend their directions, as perceptions
Can be misinterpreted, and fears to tears as you close doors,
And scores of engagements can lead to the arrangements
Of trusting, and finding, and blinding you to see in the tranquillity

Of befriending, and thus mending the trending of demanding mistrust.
Now leap for joy as you discover a better side of thinking, not a fetter,
As in treading carefully, and tinkering with wondering and pondering,
But now life seems bluer, brighter, and as you leap for joy, toy
Around with the concepts of believing and trusting,
And thus searching for belief and trust.

Copyrigh Andrew Stevenson 04/11/13

A sonnet. Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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