Friday, 10 March 2017

Addressing A Blessing

There’s a charming smile which I am drawn,
From a countenance of beauty bestowing
Inclinations of reciprocal intentions, worn
In her expression of planted seed sowing.

She plays on my mind, travelling my thoughts;
And is my oasis in a friendless concrete jungle.
I no longer feel lonely, and abandon the ports,
That ship-wrecked I in a stupid, stupor tumble.

I see love in great depths to nurture new feelings
Into heights of passionate kisses and embraces.
Let the future prevail with self-neglect healings'
Of bodily comfort and consoling peaceful graces.

Clare is a Saintly Angel, who preaches sanity,
And administers care in a neglectful community.
She rises above morality, and affluent vanity,
And is pure in spirit to sanctify our possible unity.

© Andrew Stevenson 14/02/14

I wrote this for my girlfriend before we got together. I'd like to get back with her? This is my previous partner, Clare.

In the fourth line of the first stanza, I included ‘seed sowing’ to express that my planted seed was growing seeds of its own.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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