Saturday, 11 March 2017

Build On Your Foundation

When grief’s fist hits you square on the jaw,
And knocks your senses out of love’s door,
Don’t despairingly rage and long from afar,
Prize it back open a little and leave hope ajar.

A torrential female sea, that calms with care:
Nurture it with honesty, respect, but beware,
Sharks live superficially and are hollow inside
From deprivation of a true gentleman’s pride.

Flowers grow from seed, blossom and bloom.
Pluck nature’s essence, and tide with the moon:
Be one with these elements awash on the shore,
In and out of consciousness from the female core.

Love love, a reiterating cliché, wisdom to impart,
A remedy for life’s sadness and a broken heart.
Don’t give up ‘down‘, even an odyssey can find
Cupid’s sign posts reciprocating your love ‘in kind’.

© Andrew Stevenson 11/03/2017

This poem denotes trying for a new beginning from a recent ending. We should never give up on hope when it concerns a willing ‘love’.

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