Sunday, 12 March 2017

Conscious Too The Unconcious

You know, there is intelligence in trees, as they seek the sun, and as such have some type of consciousness, as to be unconscious, they would grow like robots, in a sense of order, but they grow with their own sense of seeking, and thus must be feeling, but not as us, with eyes to see, and a care to bear, but they have their roots firmly embedded in the ground, a type of haven.

But perhaps this is not the case, and they are on an ‘auto drive’ consciousness, and are thus unconscious, and an analogy of this would be a computer, we can programme one, and it will function from that input alone, and not think for itself, in a psych sense!

Nonetheless, we can not dispute the intelligence of trees, as they seek the sun, which is evident all around us.

You know, logic says that there was only one apple tree to start with, and that it had it’s own genetic code, yet in Britain, there are over three hundred different types, which is evidenced from reading their individual genetic codes. Did all of these trees evolve separately, or did they branch off from each other! If they branched off from each other, this indicates an intellect, as in building on code, regardless of a psych sense. Computers can do likewise, as in some programmes the input warrants them to act in a particular way, such as picking up on particular words threading through the satellites in space, and thus acting upon it.

Now the computers have intellect, but this is unconscious, and were created by humans, who are conscious. So if the trees don’t have a consciousness, what consciousness created these!

(Logic says that trees perhaps evolve through climatic and environmental conditions, as species do.)

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 13/03/18

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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