Sunday, 12 March 2017

Fighting Back With A Rap

Jay Z is a gentleman, and conducts himself sensibly and appropriately, and has a symphony of Characteristics: he disregarded womanising by romanticising Beyonce, which plucked her heart-Strings with the blings of love, as he is platinum when it comes to a companion, and is a wealth of Gold for her to lovingly hold, which symbolises that he is glowing in blowing a tuneful rap, that is Respectful, and not neglectful, as she is a lady with a morality of standing, and has an understanding Of environmental upbringing.

He has an empathetic care to stare back at the Ghetto, and is sick at the stick that comes with it,
That beats a drum of bleats so glum, as lambs are led to slaughter, a gospel truth of patient growth,
And he doesn’t like the brass in some hoods’ pockets, who tap into rap to pile their crap of emptying Their sack, as he is not derogatory to femininity, and his masculinity is an art apart to reap an apple Cart of female pride.

His demeanour oozes modesty, and his words are humble, and with a grumble he expresses the Concrete jungle, which can be heard in his lyrics, and felt in his sorrow, as where is the hope for the Poor when the political score is beg, steal or borrow to see you into tomorrow, as poverty is rife, and Prosperity booms away from these tombs that lock up many a resident in their home, and lots are Tearful and alone, and some are fearful and prone to carry a gun, as the dwelling of a wondering of a Bruising while wayfaring in the heat of the street must be nerve-racking.

© Andrew Stevenson  12/03/2017


The reference to apples is indicative of wisdom, from an Adam and Eve sense!

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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