Sunday, 12 March 2017

I Am A Believer

‘I’m a believer; hear, have faith,
All rise, praise creator god DNA.
Come and fit in, take your place;
Democratically have your say.’

“Will DNA change the genes in my sacks?
As an asthmatic diabetic, should I breed?
Our odd visions are needles in haystacks,
I’m its damaged goods, bleed this creed.”

‘My god can’t talk, so I’ll aptly reply:
See light, you’re still alive and sane.
Just think ahead, soon you will die,
A death of ecstasy – relief of pain.’

“But I don’t want to pass and leave,
I love my family, I’m not done.”

‘It is near time for them to grieve,
Except your fate: god’s in your son.’

“I’m his son, why just DNA forever?
Are we just vessels, part of a herd?”

‘Listen, we are all in this life together,
Disregard negativity, spread the word.’

“What word, you’re both an enigma?
DNA has designed mad, bad and sad.
Inadvertently it has created its own stigma
Of being a terrible guardian, mum and a dad.”

‘Are we not the best species here on earth?
Do elephants grow food and build a fence?
Human’s have dominantly proven their worth,
Mastering reason, logic and common sense.’

“This may be so, but who knows the mind?
Are elephants stupid for not having any tools?
And ages gone, has DNA really been kind
By breeding low IQ’s and intelligent fools?”

‘Listen friend, and take good noticeable greed,
Of applying will, want, fear and need to yourself,
As god DNA takes notice of this, and will heed
In time to come your descendants’ good health.

© Andrew Stevenson 12/03/2017

An old poem written in my early days of my writing.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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