Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Innate From Ape?

I wrote this not long after my son declared he was gay, which I am okay with. 

Homosexuality is rife in the liberal times of today, and we see it so openly expressed in lots of walks of life, particularly in the television and movie industry, where it is portrayed so often with glamour and glitz, as in the fashionable sense, which so often expresses the feminine characteristics of many gay, gentle men An example of this is Gok Wan, who presents many shows in the UK.

And in contrast to this portrayal are films such as ‘Brokeback Mountain’, which expresses the butch masculinity of many gay men, who are manly in their appearance and roles within their communities..

Many of us see and read so often within the media men from all mannerisms of popular scrutiny coming ‘out of the closet’, as in openly declaring their sexual preference, albeit fully gay or bisexual, and in so many instances they have kept this fact undisclosed from their immediate or wide stream society. An example of this is Sir Elton John the musician, whom for a number of years lived under the ruse of being a heterosexual and happily married.

Now we have evolved in the West with our acceptance of homosexuality, in different measures of course, but in some other countries it is still outlawed, as it was in our own countries several decades ago at a time of religious reverence. In lots of other countries (particularly those under Islamic rule) this is still the case, especially in the extreme sense, as in excess of punishment.

Now, while buggery is no longer a criminal offence in the UK (with the exception of rape, and being above the law abiding age of sixteen), it is still frowned upon in many institutions across the country. An example of this is in prison, whereby prisoners are deliberately split up if they are found to be indulging in this sexual preference. Examples of this are removing the prisoners who are found in this position from shared accommodation, and by removing them to other locations, albeit to another wing or prison.

While this is perhaps the case in many male prisons, it is not the case in the female prisons that I have seen documented on television, whose inmates freely express their gay sexuality unperturbed by the officers in charge. Now while I understand that the gay populace in the female prisons is considerately higher than the male prisons, which is so obviously evidenced in the documentaries of both, is this not a bias with tolerance of one and not the other! And are not the government hypocritical with their policies of such behaviour, as in many instances they are intolerable of it, as expressed, which contradicts with their policies of acceptance to gay rights.

From my own research and observations, it seems that lots of us in society accept the behaviour of gay women more than gay men, and that the relevant authorities mentioned are of a similar mind-set. Now while equality is so often expressed by many as a cause worth fighting for, it is in so many instances also neglected, to the detriment of both sexes.

I am now going to look at perhaps some root causes of male homosexuality, which can be evidenced in zoology. We see lots of instances in zoology where some groups of species are led by a leader, such as lions, many apes, and wolves, etc.  which is not dissimilar to ourselves. Now so much of our past is indicative of a similarity to this, which is vastly evidenced in various aspects of historical documents and artefacts. Sometimes these leaders take advantage of their position to the detriment of others within the various groups; the alpha male ape within some tribes of monkeys seems to be a prime example of this behaviour.

Some prognosis is that some apes are victimised by the females who will only bed the alpha male, thus leaving the other male apes with little or no alternative of preferential choice if they want to enjoy the fruitful tastes of sexuality, procreation excluded. But what leads the females to such negative inclusive behaviour? Did such instances begin with ‘survival of the fittest’ instincts, as the alpha male is usually the strongest in strength and will, and thus neglecting the other weaker males! Or was it that the alpha males dominated the females, and thus exhorted from the females obedience in dominated sexual behaviour.

Now logic says that if certain tribes were suffering fatalities due to climatic conditions, environment, and food resources, that procreation with the fittest would have been the logical way forward to the tribe surviving! And if this is the case, then evolution for many of these tribes has stood still in these sexual instances, as we see on many television documentaries such behaviour occurring: now how far these individual tribes are in the evolutionary time scale compared to perhaps some others is hard to establish, but what matters in this circumstance is that this sexual behaviour exists, and is occurring in our present time.

I personally believe that the course of evolution is shaped by will, want, need and fear, and if the other weaker apes were suffering through a need to release their sexual appetite  which is obviously innate in most species  then homosexuality was their circumstantial evolutionary course!

It is widely acknowledged that the evolutionary process can take place during a vast scale of time, and if a gene was administered in these apes to be fruitful in homosexuality if you never had sexual access to the females, then perhaps this gene was built upon so much with other genes, that it was hard to reverse in some species. An analogy of this is if you built a house, could you take out the foundations after doing so, and would this still stay stable!

Perhaps many males have this gene within them, and if you have access to females, then perhaps this is just ignored! But what if you don’t have access to females, as in lack of confidence, or many other reasons, then perhaps this gene is ignited into a spark that burns into a flame. The stigma by females, and males alike, of having small genitalia, could also influence many males to become homosexually inclined.

I believe, as Charles Darwin did, that we have evolved from apes, and as such we have similarities to the apes in existence today, which is evidenced in our almost identical genetic code to cheetah apes.

I am hoping by writing this article, that awareness to these possible contributing factors might be taken notice of, and thus alleviating some persecution that some gay men may be experiencing, and also for many people in society to be more inclusive with some foundational understanding to homosexuality  particularly the government, as they need to lead the way forward to this understanding, opposed to aggravating this circumstance with negativity.

© Andrew Stevenson 07/03/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


  1. Interesting thoughts. I have noticed that people are much more tolerant of homosexuality in women, but it may just be that men are thought to be more aggressive and therefore their sexual behavior is more scary. Plus of course they carry a weapon as inborn equipment!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Love love, Andrew. Bye.