Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Jesus Is Love

I have just and Godly intentions,
As Jesus was full of aspirations
And integrity, and you will see
Sincerity in His Truth popularity.

I fell in love with Jesus, at a time
Of hardship, he was a welcoming sign
Of my times to come, with a passion
Of complimentary parables of precision.

As to understand we are all equal
Is an academic, Biblical prequel,
As Moses shared, cared with equality
And had offered a Godly commentary.

Be friendly with your neighbour
Is a philosophy to savour
And to love your loving wife
Is wisdom to see you from strife.

Jesus was foretold by the bold and wise
And he was favoured with opening eyes
To all that would choose to hear
Sentiments and words sincere and dear.

In the New Testament, Jesus had sincerity,
Which was complimentary to his popularity,
As he cared for others as sisters and brothers,
And had a welcoming hand for unbelieving others.

His beliefs were to set you free from disbelief's
Of many griefs, as sorrows were at peaks,
As they were governed by tyrants and villains
Posing as respectable and honourable Romans.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 28/03/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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