Friday, 24 March 2017

Little Ant

A little, Amazon jungle ant left to leave the nest at dawn, and stopped just before the entrance - to take in the glorious morning light, and felt the heat of the sun before he ventured into it. He didn't like the darkness in the nest, and the hustle and bustle of activity, particularly at meal times, as he was bossed about so much, that sometimes he missed a meal just to escape the bullying: he couldn't wait to grow, and boss others about - a paradoxical philosophy of understanding, as size dominated the essence of hierarchy within.

He felt weak as pangs of hunger stabbed away at his stomach, which eat away at his thoughts. He had instructions, to bring back food, but he would eat first, and think later, as he was desperately hungry. The last time he had been caught out, observed and reported by another ant who had chanced upon him lazing in the grass lapping up a dead maggot. He would be more observant this time.

He was one of the first to leave the nest, and scanned the area around him. He chose a scenic trail, and felt no guilt for it, regardless of his orders - to take the dense route: he didn't like that way, as it was strenuous and arduous. He took in the beautiful flowers, and marvelled at their colours. It wasn't long before he came across a snail eating a leaf:

'I envy you,' Ant said as he took in the vast amount of leaves, 'you have so much food to eat, while we only have slim pickings!'

'But meat is nice,' the snail empathised, 'and leaves are boring to eat. I envy you, having legs to get about on while I have to crawl on my belly!'

Little ant thought about this statement, and smiled as he danced about, gyrating his legs to and thro. After a moment of elation, he slipped on the snails wet trail, and with his legs spread out flat, landed hard on his own belly.

'That'll teach you,' snail said, 'you should look before you leap. Speaking of which, let me try and have a ride on your back, to see what's it like to have legs? Go on, I can see how strong you are?'

Little Ant thought it through, and after a moment was persuaded. He liked being praised for his strength, and flexed his muscles in personal pride.

'Go on then,' ant said, 'get onto my back.'

Little ant manoeuvred towards the snail, and assisted him to get onto him. Snail slid onto his back. Little ant now felt big, and asked where the snail wanted to go?

'I'd like to go the river,' snail responded, 'to have a hearty drink - as I'm so thirsty.'

'Alright then, perhaps I'll find something to eat along the way - as I'm so hungry. You know I don't kill insects, I just find dead ones and take them back to the nest - but the adults kill to eat. My favourite food is maggot. You're like a big maggot! I kill maggots to eat them.'

The snail enjoyed the ride, and bossed little ant about: turn here, go that way, up that mound, and became most unpleasant. Little ant started to resent the request, and relished the thought of off-loading the weight!

When they came to the river, the snail ordered little ant to squat while he drank from a large puddle. After a duration of drinking, little ant didn't like the snails ungrateful attitude, and chose to shake him off; and as he shook, he realised the snail had become sticky, opposed to slippy, and held fast.

'Get off me,' ant protested, 'I'm tired and hungry.'

'Not until I find the tastiest bush I like!'

Little ant shook with all of his might, but couldn't shake the wily snail off. After some effort, and time, he gave up hope.

'What does this tasty bush look like?'

'It's small with white flowers, and is quite rare to see.'

'I know where there's a bush of that description, I passed one early this morning.'

'Take me, take me - I like the leaves so much.'

'But what about me? You're such a heavy load. Can't I drop you off with the promise I'll bring you some leaves back to you?'

'No, no. Take me there.'

Little ant begrudged the journey, but thought it would be worthwhile, as he was hungry too. He philosophised about 'looking before leaping' the whole way there. Snail felt so clever to have duped little ant, Little ant felt so hungry, but persevered the midday heat, and soldiered on regardless, and found it a great effort. Soon they could see the bush in the distance, and the snail got excited:

'Come on, hurry up. Go faster.'

Little ant ran, and the snail was solely focused on the prize, and in his haste, failed to notice the nest nearby! Little ant veered sharply to his left, and within moments had entered the tunnel leading to the nest.

'You should have looked before you leaped,' little ant said to snail as he dropped the snail off to the queen.

Little ant was the talk of the nest, and received much praise and attention, and at supper-time, was invited to sit at the queen's table, where he received an accolade of praise - and a large portion of snail!

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/03/2017

I wrote this for a creative writing class assignment. A 900 word short story.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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