Sunday, 12 March 2017

Mr Puddle

Excuse me, Mr Puddle,
I am all in a muddle,
I looked down to see
And saw you were me?

How can this be
When I am me?
I looked again,
Still the same?

I pulled a funny face
And it took your place?
I poked a curious finger
Where yours did linger?

You are a copycat,
I do not like that,
Everything I do
You are doing too.

You just do not care
That I do not share.
Please stop it I say
Or I will go away.

I am going to tell my mum
What you have just done.
And I will not say goodbye
As you have made me cry.

I am now back, Mr Puddle,
And I am not in a muddle,
I looked down again to see,
And know why you are me.

You came from a big cloud
Which thundered very loud,
And it struck down lightning
That was really frightening.

Down comes the pouring rain,
Drop and drip, again and again.
Lots of these drips can cuddle
To form into a garden puddle.

You replay me where I am seen
Just like our television screen.
But my reflection is my own
And I will take it back home.


Mr Puddle, you made me cry,
So I will jump high in the sky,
And fall down again and again
To land on you like lots of rain.

Thud, splash, dash and fun,
You spray like a water gun.
Ha, ha, it serves you right
For provoking me to fight.

I am going to fib and pretend
That you were my wet friend.
So I will tell my angry mum
That you also had lots of fun.

I will now say goodbye,
And look up to the sky.
Next time there is rain,
We might play again?

© Andrew Stevenson 12/03/2017

I have tried to keep the wording in this poem very simple, as it’s demographic audience is for youngsters. I have also tried to make the poem fun, which is expressed in parts one and three (separated by asterisks), and informative, which is expressed in part two.

There is some repetition with some words, such as ‘rain’ and ‘again‘, but I think with children’s poetry this is mainly trivial if the words are phrased quite differently. I have also kept out any difficult punctuation (for young children), such as apostrophes and colons.

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