Tuesday, 14 March 2017

My Best Friend

As you joyfully explore the time of day, you are inadvertently imparting wisdom,
Which can be read in your happiness, and absorbed in your playful memories.
I reap what I sow in you, and am nourished by supplements of growing love,
That you display in your devotion, bodily motion, and expressive emotion.

You strive forward in leaps and bounds, often surpassing my expectations
By climbing heights I thought were above you, that you now look down upon.
Take the lead and I will follow - tailing your trailing to alleviate possible failing,
And I will beg, steal or borrow, to see you safely into tomorrow devoid of sorrow.

I marvel at your intellect, and research and analyse your common sense and logic,
Which are reasoned with innocence, as you are guilty of a lack of understanding.
Life isn't always a 'walk in the park', as 'swings and round about's' often occur,
So when you 'bark up the wrong tree', toy around with different concepts.

Sometimes 'cat and mouse' games don't suffice, and it is better to play ball,
So heed with greed the need to feed others with a consumable consciousness
That is palatable to tastes in humane decency, and perspicacious respectability -
I will open up some doors, but take a step backwards before you move forwards.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson

I wrote this about my best friend, who means the world to me. I love you, Barry - you are a good mate.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


  1. That is a lovely poem Andrew! Love Toni and Barry

    1. Thank you. Glad you like it. See you soon.

      Love love, Andrew. Bye.