Sunday, 12 March 2017


Golden locks draw you in to a focal point smile, that spreads wide with a pride
Of conversing charitable needs; and rightly and justly so, with insight to know
That to teach wisdom of a morality of standing is noble and honourable,
And to have an understanding attitude brings gratitude from masses of classes.

Small in height, but large in stature, with hips that shake and sway in a way
To capture your attention, with the intention of marketing her singing,
But with a mind to share, with a care for others as sisters and brothers,
As to be Christianly is godly, and to offer a hand in her homeland is grand.

A figure to hug with love, and a must is to lust as she is sultrily sexy,
But her charms are alms in visionary sight, as she aids the plight
Of Columbian gripe, and a wolf whistle is a call to heed her need
To feed those less fortunate without the need of a greed of sowing seed.

© Andrew Stevenson  20/2/14

This poem is about Shakira, the pop singer, who is very charitable in her homeland.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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