Sunday, 14 May 2017

Rose One

I trust your hand of hope, in the scope of loving aspirations, and Godly intentions: entwine your fingers in mine, and you will find, love ‘in kind’, as I have in mind to gently lead you out of the dark, to embark on a path of righteous integrity with sincerity, as I have faith in thee, and you will see a light emblazoned with a fiery passion with an explosion of a Biblical proportion, as I am Christianly in morality, and have values that are complimentary to being good natured, an innate quality to sate your curiosity, and enhance your ability to see clearly, as in my palm you will feel matrimonial inclinations of loving supplications.

© Andrew Stevenson  28/1/14

This was written for an African girl I was dating online, sadly she parted her ways from our conversing, nursing her pride of being poor!

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