Thursday, 18 May 2017

Rose Three

Rose is a flower who can devour a shower of tears, and lap up sadness, returning happiness, and she is an inspiration to I literary aspirations, as with her, a poetic piece becomes a worth of affluence, as I now have a wealth of health.

She has stealth in her words, which penetrate my very being, and upon seeing her sweet verses, I am
spell-bound in enchantment, as she is a sacrament of nutrition to saviour, as she seems True to her heart, and regardless of being worlds apart, she is an apple cart of wisdom, and after a taste of her affection, I will turn in her direction, and we can share our palatable oaths with toasts of cheer, and sip the vows of hosts, without the ghosts of the past, as we will surpass history, and bend on a knee, and pray for the brighter day of loving, joyful play!

This was an email I wrote for an African girl I was dating online. There are two previous posts on Rose, this being the final one.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

© Andrew Stevenson 29/1/14

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