Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Rose Two

You are a sight to see, a vision of tranquillity, and like the light of life, you shine to supplement my strife, as your warmth is comforting, and your embrace is nurturing, and as I grow with your nutritional sense, I blossom in your reciprocation's of expressive supplications, with dedications in context with your morality, a vanity of sanity that is complementary to visions of ‘we’, and together we can bloom, as in a bride and groom, if you prove to be, the one for me!

I long to caress your text of philosophies, and will heed your need to feed this creed with a seed to plant, a foundation to build upon, to fill our hearts with empathy, of suffering philanthropy, as I am learned and understand the barren hand that feeds your land, and as bushes burn under the heat, we will passion our thoughts with ought’s, and ignite a fight to this plight, as a concrete jungle sprouts with bouts of suppression, with a crop forgot, and as populaces thirst and hunger, the thunder that will blow from the sky, is a godly cry and sigh as to why flourish being impoverished - a capitalistic and tyrant disgrace in the face of humanity!

I hope you like this poem, it expresses that if I make my fortune, I will be charitable and aid the just cause of trying to alleviate some suffering in your environment. I am a humble and modest person, and am not greedy, and think of the needy, and although it’s nice to live comfortably, appropriately, it’s also nice to think of others, as we are ‘all’ Sisters and Brothers, and those that deserve a helping hand should prosper in your land to think of others too!

As a Utopian I believe in sharing, and caring, and hugging and loving, and being a nice person, as it’s nice to be nice! I love liking you, and you seem surreal, as I’ve been searching for a lady with values such as you have, and I’d like to care for you, and comfort you, and share my LOVE with you, as you are a delight, and deliciously presented, as in you are so attractive, pretty, and beautiful, and I long and lust to be in your arms, an embrace I’d treasure!

Do not wither my rose, flourish with I comforting warmth, and bloom in your essence, which I love!
Take wonderful and gentle care.

© Andrew Stevenson  28/1/14

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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