Monday, 19 June 2017

A Torment Of Resentment

I'm a former-shadow of myself,
As I was suffering ill-health,
But quietly in diplomatic stealth,
I am nurturing myself with wealth.

I'm a wealth of characteristics,
And as time passes by in ticks
I think rationally with my sanity,
And refrain from the ill-gain of vanity.

It's nice to be nice and look good,
And also to have an accommodation,
So search and be wise as you should,
With whatever supplication dedication.

Dedicate yourself with as much health,
And with your amassing wealth
Of feeling good, under a hood of should
As blood can pour of not knowing the score.

Have empathy for those less-fortunate,
And share with a care of passionate flare
As without understanding of the ache
Coming from taking rather than a giving care.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 19/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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