Monday, 26 June 2017

Are You Feeling Or Reeling

Clare, put to bed
That I'm off my head,
I have repeatedly said
That I am sad, not bad.

Is my izzat so crap
That you won't come back,
Please rely on me to see
Our courtship sensibility.

I have justice in mind,
And to find in kind
A judge in trial to I guile
With no denial for a while.

Time has space between us,
And are you reaching,
I am inquiring because
I love your preaching.

You are a trial to my muster,
And like a court usher,
I will lead you to the dock
Where we can wind down our clock.

I'll sentence you to peace of mind,
Where you can find in kind
A rhyme or two to see from being blind
In you essence of expression of time.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 26/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Anddrew. Bye.

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