Saturday, 24 June 2017

Be Free From Disrespectability

I've had a long sleep,
Where my dreams did keep
Stirring me from slumber
As I was going under.

I am hag-ridden with grief,
And fall softly like a leaf,
To an impending gloom
Coming way too soon.

I'm not ready to pass,
Am I being an ass
By being too aghast
At remembering the past.

I've been through an Odyssey
Of a nightmare of not being free,
I am locked up suffering dejection
And am bullied into suffocation.

Hospital is not the place to be
If you are suffering mentally
As the staff don't have the time of day
Constantly sending you on your way.

I can't breathe this intoxication,
As I adhere to a worldly nation,
Free from the hellish subjection
Of doctors and nurses objection.

I dream of a better day to sway
Their way, to care from a stare
Of horrifying side effects that play
In your consciousness's lair.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andnew. Bye.

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