Saturday, 24 June 2017

Be Truthful To Youself

Clare, do I make you lachrymose;
I would gladly give you a rose,
To show how much you mean to me;
A transparent supplication to be.
Will you take the plunge, diving deep
Into my pool of wisdom, which does seep
To keep you afloat, as I truly mope
And from my throat will not be a choke.

As I struggle with being alone at home,
I am prone to moan and groan, homegrown
Tendencies of cry's and sighs from goodbyes,
Instead of a meeting with a greeting -
While not regretting the fretting
Of my trying while not denying the lies.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

A sonnet.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

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