Saturday, 24 June 2017

Can You Tell We Are In Hell

We are in the netherworld of corruptness,
And what does painstakingly suppress
Is the digest of what is best,
As we are under needless duress.

A sinful way can come out to play;
And being in a mindful way
We can stray to being made of clay,
As we were nurtured into creations DNA.

Mother Nature brought us up, to sip and sup
From the Holy cup, as not to rot with a trot
Away, to sway another way, is to decay like rot
And to reminisce a kiss of bliss is hot.

We can live through cremation, as creation
Manufactured cells to live through living hells,
We can all live forever, together to endeavour
All types of weather, and to not sever.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Love  love, Andrew.  Bye.

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