Sunday, 25 June 2017

Far From A Star

Don't be apprehensive with what is nigh
Try not to be pensive with a hello from goodbye,
Lay your grievances down and try and frown
And I can cheer you up by acting like a clown.

I'll humour you with my wit, and with grit
I will fight to make you happy without shit,
Come hither and weather our storm of a 'norm'
And we can be together without personal scorn.

Life can be sorrowful, but be mindful
Of who you are, and try not to be tearful,
Try and be cheerful with happiness
And I will reciprocate with less stress.

We were a nice couple, experiencing our time,
I used to appreciate you writing to me in rhyme,
A rainbow is a Biblical, God given sign
To make us pine for what is a climb.

To reach for the stars, a heavenly place,
Is a dream we can strive for with holy grace,
And piecemeal is a measure to treasure
As we endeavour the tempestuous weather.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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