Tuesday, 27 June 2017

I Am Sad Through Not Being Glad

Clare, I'll lead you to your promised land,
We can be wayfaring this odyssey hand in hand,
You can ascertain honour In I name by being tame,
And rationally thinking of our secretive winking.

Are you meaning to share your care with a pious degree
Of sensitivity, and not to be naive as I grieve to be we
Instead of just me; try not denying the trying of being happily
Entranced With my glance at what to see - philanthropy philosophy.

Be positive, and in my way I will stay in a position of being prone
To act-up with a renewal of pursual of not being cruel, as I am not a fool
Because I use a tool. Will you fix me up with yourself at my home
Where I am alone, hotting up with your temperature of being cool.

Your presence would be an essence of company tranquility,
And to find you inside, not experiencing the joyous ride
Is a snide remark that I am a shark swimming in a sea
Where femininity abide - and also respectfully hide.

Do you conceive that I grieve for life with all of its strife,
And will you be my blessing in disguise by further opening my eyes,
With a smile we can have a trial of being a fictitious husband and wife,
Free from the insecurity of my insanity, and we can score with plenty of tries.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 27/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andpursue. Try.

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