Saturday, 24 June 2017

Potentially Heavenly

God is a psych-cell so small,
Yet when she comes to be,
She will arise so tall
Above all land and sea.

See and humbly believe
In her Adam and Eve,
A crop not forgot
From the ticking clock.

She is Mother Nature,
And with her nurture
We can secretly treasure
Her endeavour of weather.

The elements will be awash
On her shore, to implore
To the poor to know the score
Of knocking on Jesus' door.

Are you affluently posh,
Looking down on others,
And do you dish out the dosh
To deserving sisters and brothers.

Repent and relent from being hell-bent
On what angels are heavenly sent,
As in disguise in your eyes is a prize
Of being modestly, and humbly wise.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. LoveLove, Andrew. Bye.

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