Saturday, 17 June 2017

We've Evolved

Our subconscious controls billions of psych-cells,
Who don't think for themselves, they are controlled,
And while we sleep they have a rest from their hell,
Of being subjected and rejected despite being bold.
They are our subconscious subjects, not rejects,
As they are a constant part of us, being told
How to behave, and they can be brave, as insects
So small, yet they stand tall as a human ticks.

Ticks as in time, as they like to be in sync,
As a child can grow slow with the know
Of the sow, from a crop forgot, and as you trot
Don't let time forget, and don't fret so,
As they all work for a common cause,
And are never - ever at a pause.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 17/06/2017

A sonnet.

I believe that our subconscious controls the body with telepathic communication. And as cells touch this is a must of trust, as you don't think for muscle to move as you manoeuvre! Telepathy exists inside each and every body, humans and species. I believe that the first psych-cell to exist is our God, and that she evolved species and vegetation up until a certain stage of age, and then she was probably frozen in time. I believe that worms collect psych-cells from the earth, and want to be eaten by birds to return psych-cells to the sea. We are approximately 70% water, which is living DNA, which I think survives after death, and in some point of time hopes to return back to the sea, a vision of tranquillity. So in years to come we might be able to return back to life. DNA psych-cells must have video memory to know how to evolve, and to accommodate species (us included) to how they want to be. I believe that DNA takes notice of want, will, need and fear, and does adhere to sincere requirements of this nature.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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