Monday, 10 July 2017

Am I Washed Up

I am in and out of the sea,
Dipping my foot in respectfully,
To sea if I get a chill
From this female bitter-pill.

I am seeking while peeking
At what they are revealing,
A teasing essence of pleasure
But I don't sway to this measure.

One fish I don't want to hide
As I want her by my side
To enjoy a swim and have kin,
As I am humbly smitten.

As I endeavour to weather
Being single, but together
With Clare, I can be fair
By having a sincere care.

I hide in and amongst the rocks
Where the passing of time sucks,
As I wait patiently for thee
To come and see me intimately.

I'll linger on the beach
Where I'll humbly preach
That you are out of reach
As you respectfully teach.

I could learn from a turn
In my direction with affection,
This I do passionately yearn -
And I'll offer you protection.

I have a shell to hide in,
Where I repent of my sin
In what my madness made me do
Especially by upsetting you.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 10/07/2017

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