Monday, 26 June 2017

Broadly Thinking

I am broad and wide in my thinking,
Often sinking into depths of despair,
Life is precarious in its evolving
And earth is like an imprisonment lair.

Am I incisive, or am I inconclusive,
I wonder in wonder, and as I ponder
I inquire what is dire to the hier
Archy, as in a degree of sustainability.

I have been studying my philanthropy
With philosophy, And what remains to see
Is will you believe In Adam and Eve
When you can perceive to grieve.

We all pass, but are you aghast
At all of us not to last, as the past
Can catch up on you, and bereavement
Is a testament to disagreement.

We can last with perseverance
And a loving member's essence
Can be a treasure to behold
Worth more than diamonds and gold.

I have fond memories to last
As my past has been a blast
At times, especially with Clare
Who is not forgotten as I care.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 26/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Are You Feeling Or Reeling

Clare, put to bed
That I'm off my head,
I have repeatedly said
That I am sad, not bad.

Is my izzat so crap
That you won't come back,
Please rely on me to see
Our courtship sensibility.

I have justice in mind,
And to find in kind
A judge in trial to I guile
With no denial for a while.

Time has space between us,
And are you reaching,
I am inquiring because
I love your preaching.

You are a trial to my muster,
And like a court usher,
I will lead you to the dock
Where we can wind down our clock.

I'll sentence you to peace of mind,
Where you can find in kind
A rhyme or two to see from being blind
In you essence of expression of time.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 26/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Anddrew. Bye.

Keiran Is Ablaze In His Maze

My Nephew is working away,
He is strong willed
He lives to fight another day
Without being killed.

He works in the security business
Keeping his chin up at all times
His work can make him transgress
To others who don't heed his signs.

A warning can be forthcoming
As his vision is to see hostility,
He can be reckoning with his beckoning
Of adhering to administering respectability.

He can have a bone to pick on you,
And like a dog he can bite and chew,
Spitting his verbal sentences out
With a deafening scream and shout.

He is sensible, and not irritable,
As he fights for a justified peace,
He is not irrational and irascible
And is consolable to the deceased.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 26/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Begin With Him

I fell in love with Jesus
Through a time of hardship,
He could see through us
And advocated true courtship

He was only irascible
When He was in the temple,
They were robbing the poor
Of a considerable score.

Jesus healed the blind
And suffered in kind
As His eyes were open
To sheep needing a pen.

He herded the vulnerable,
And was keen and able
To preach a parable
To the susceptible.

Those that listened
Were heightened
And were imagined
Not to be frightened.

Jesus was the Light,
And he stayed from flight,
As the Romans with their might,
Picked on Him a fight.

Jesus died for our sins,
Sing His glorious hymns
To remember Him aglow
With a Godly sow.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Follow In Sorrow At His Addressing Blessing

Jesus walked on sand,
In a barren land
That needed a hand.

He preached the wisdom
Of a kingdom to come,
He was God's Holy Son.

People praised His endeavours
Of storing up celestial treasures
With variant and different measures.

He weighed up all the same,
As we were all to blame
From not being tame.

Jesus preached to help the vulnerable
And was highly susceptible
To what was heavenly inevitable.

Believers are sinners in plight
And with all of his gripe might
His passing freed us from this plight.

Jesus has created so much peace of mind
By others emulating Him being so kind,
He preached and teached Him being a sign.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Grace Can Be Ace

Some hoodlums use many guns,
With some ending up as cons,
They control their criminality
With a greed of insensibility.

Some are impecunious, having little,
While others are lavish with muscle,
I do impeach their reach of arms
Which are their dominant charms.

We live in a respective and subjective
Society, and while some experience
Being free, others flee from objective
Opinion, not being a minion in a trance.

Lay down your arms, and experience alms,
As Jesus had and remains to have charms
Of interest to digest into what remains best,
Storing wealth in a celestial sense to bless.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Gripe At Flight

I have a hearty appetite to exercise a gripe,
And with all of my God given might
I will acknowledge the fight
Of third world plight.

Have you tastes in humane decency,
And have you respectfully come to be
An influential technocrat acting fat
With pride of let's hide this side
Of politics, which sticks with abide.

They are instrumental in a mentality gravity,
As she and he act disrespectfully in glee
At their policy to hand out a little from a lot
As those poor souls still using coals rot.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Barren Lands In The Hands Of Hoodlums

Hoodlums play the criminal game
Of honour in their street name,
They should refrain this pain
As it makes them more insane.

What have they really got to gain -
A stain on their character and nature,
And together they endeavour to weather
The storm of being a master form of pastor.

They encourage others as sisters and brothers
To be like themselves, and do as they do,
And under the covers they still act like lovers
And understand love of a mother being blue.

To have pride in acting like a lion in a jungle,
Is a tumble and fall to all who believe in this stumble,
Life is precarious at the best of times, and what stands
Is holding up your hands acknowledging these lands.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Being In The Hood Is Not Good

Some villains like feeling good
While hidden under a hood
Of spilling innocent blood
Creating a crying flood.

They should refrain
From this ill-gain
And should tame
From being insane.

What does transpire
Is their desire
To be a sire
In this concrete mire.

They are willing to fire
A gun while under the Son,
As Christian preachings
Were at their beginnings.

Most know about Christianity,
And about Christians lovability,
Yet they still insensibly
Commit needless hostility.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Same As He, Me And She

I can appertain in honour of I name,
And can respectfully refrain
From being like a lion in Zion,
As you are compeer with the Son.

We are all God's holy children,
But some boil up sins in a cauldron
Of potions with notions of takings
Instead of forsaking the wakings.

Supplement the poor I do implore
And to settle a resentment score
Of not being a bore, as a pig can swill
In an ill of suffering being a kill.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

It's True I Miss You

Clare, will you accept my sincere courtship;
I would greatly appreciate your friendship;
We can both share our struggling hardship
And with wit we can pick off what is stick.

Moses carried a staff, which performed,
He was well and wisely and truly informed
Of God's endeavour of storing up treasure;
So whatever you pleasure heed this measure.

I love you respectfully, and greatly
Will I hold you aloft, nice and soft,
As I am gentle and feeble with a needle -
This is what is to pass as I am feeble.

I am weak without your meek and sleek-self,
You showered me with eternal loving wealth,
I am tormented by your absence and abstinence
From sharing our pairing of endearing patience.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Sigh.

I Feel Still With Not Being Ill

I am feeling and acting shoogly
Under your influence of hugely
Undermining my pining of wining
And dining - are you still whining.

I want and trust in your friendship
And through whatever trying hardship
We can endeavour lovingly together
For our existent eternal forever.

Are you being overtly contentious
Which can be overbearingly tedious,
As I am not after a sultry mistress
So you needn't stress at this less.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. I love your love, Andpursue. Bye.

Fright In Sight

Are you within the creed of a need
To feed others with a similar greed,
As to be Christianly is being Godly
And being evangelistic is supplementary.

Are you contemptible in not being able
To believe that Jesus was born in a stable,
He had roots of being humble and with a grumble
He didn't tumble and He didn't stumble.

He preached forgiveness in seriousness
As to transgress what He thought best
Is an arrest of your supportiveness,
As you have more while He had less.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love HIS LOVE. Bye.

Authority Is A Minority

I'm running in extreme slow motion,
With the moral of an upstanding notion
That be without stress is a congress
Digest at what's respectfully best.

Technocrats seem to have Carte-Blanche
Over the general populace in a trance
Of them not being able to see being free
As they are not experiencing tranquillity.

We roam from home, sometimes alone,
And are prone to be fearful and tearful
At what is in sight, a plight in flight
Of a governing gripe with a hype of might.

Come around, and with your wide vision
See with precision the suffering derision
Of those in a positive position of influence
Being grave in how they behave with negligence.

Copyrite Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

To Negotiate A Debate

I would offer you a rose,
But I'm feeling morose
With how I am moralising
About how I am surviving.

I'm at a momentous degree
About a patronising she,
And while I remain lonely
Will she come to be with me.

Disregard your thoughtful negativities
And replace them with the positivities
Of how I will come to be, to see
Us together to not sever in three.

The Trinity is a blessed blessing
And the Spirit is thus stressing
That belief in a wreath is grief,
As the devil can take like a thief.

Be Christianly in your behaviour
And believe in the blessed Saviour
He understood what directive sign
Will free you from being blind
And to influence you in being kind.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Nurturing Nature

My daughter is my world, and means the earth to me,
In her nature is nurture for those less fortunate
Who have a little from a lot, and have come to be
A resentment hierarchy in a heated debate about hate.

Surviving the concrete jungle is an endeavour to weather,
And while brothers and sisters stick humbly together,
They are still a minority of oddity not in tranquillity,
As to have a poor lifestyle is not living adequately.

My daughter ranks herself to be a member of influence,
And with honesty and integrity and with no pretence
She will not stand on the fence with appetence
As she stands tall to all in her respective suspense.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Not Too Soon

It is soon to be my daughter's birthday,
And respectfully I implore to she
To have her say in a diplomatic way
Of how to behave without being too grave.

She has experience in living and continues giving
To those of a lesser degree with honesty and integrity
And with sincerity you and me will see popularity in she.
She means the world to me, and I will be in happiness with glee.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Far From A Star

Don't be apprehensive with what is nigh
Try not to be pensive with a hello from goodbye,
Lay your grievances down and try and frown
And I can cheer you up by acting like a clown.

I'll humour you with my wit, and with grit
I will fight to make you happy without shit,
Come hither and weather our storm of a 'norm'
And we can be together without personal scorn.

Life can be sorrowful, but be mindful
Of who you are, and try not to be tearful,
Try and be cheerful with happiness
And I will reciprocate with less stress.

We were a nice couple, experiencing our time,
I used to appreciate you writing to me in rhyme,
A rainbow is a Biblical, God given sign
To make us pine for what is a climb.

To reach for the stars, a heavenly place,
Is a dream we can strive for with holy grace,
And piecemeal is a measure to treasure
As we endeavour the tempestuous weather.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Affairs With Cares

My voice can be heard, and as I stutter
While moaning and groaning about the gutter,
I implore to open the door of the poor
Who importantly matter in a score.

A score of people who are humanly sane
Who play the game of tame and refrain
From grievances to technocrats like rats
Who ply their trade of needless stat's.

I am awash with a summons for justice,
And am feeling cold from the bold
Elements of a scold from being told
By the wavering authority not nice.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Lov elove, Andrew. Bye.

Be Free From Disrespectability

I've had a long sleep,
Where my dreams did keep
Stirring me from slumber
As I was going under.

I am hag-ridden with grief,
And fall softly like a leaf,
To an impending gloom
Coming way too soon.

I'm not ready to pass,
Am I being an ass
By being too aghast
At remembering the past.

I've been through an Odyssey
Of a nightmare of not being free,
I am locked up suffering dejection
And am bullied into suffocation.

Hospital is not the place to be
If you are suffering mentally
As the staff don't have the time of day
Constantly sending you on your way.

I can't breathe this intoxication,
As I adhere to a worldly nation,
Free from the hellish subjection
Of doctors and nurses objection.

I dream of a better day to sway
Their way, to care from a stare
Of horrifying side effects that play
In your consciousness's lair.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andnew. Bye.

Small Change For The Better

I still use the dictionary you gave me,
I look through it often and occasionally
To discover new words to play around with
That were previously undercover not to live.

Life is precarious and perilous
And with lots and lots of stress
We digest dishonesty with integrity
To be a humane victim travesty.

We are mocked for our Holy endeavours,
And what are stored up as treasures
As in a heavenly sense, is having no pretence
Of whence to make an appearance of severance.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Adnrew. Bye.

I'll Believe With You

I was diffident with your appeasement,
You was a source of merriment
To my complimentary commentary -
As I had to be complimentary.

I loved your essence of passion,
And with reciprocal supplication
I will muster to you being a master
Of your own destiny, preaching like a pastor.

Rich is life, and from strife
Be my common-in-law wife;
And we can spend a fortune
In a caring and sharing tune.

Sing along to worldly belong
And belong in the throng
Of believers believing
In what they are seeing.

Seeing is believing, come and see me
And experience tranquil tranquillity
As I am enriched in Biblical wisdom
And respect the teachings of King Solomon.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Congress To Stress What Is Best

Together we can stand,
And divided we can fall,
Lend a helping hand
To a wanting call.

We weather the fall
Still standing tall,,
As we do not fall
Into a wanting stall.

We can stop at will
And with a bitter-pill
This can result in a kill -
A fill of swill from this ill.

We are all Mother's children,
And with nurture we can favour
Being free from sinning again
And to refrain from this ill-gain.

Love love, a reiterating cliche
That can come from those who pray,
Sway to their humble and modest way
And come out to play rather than decay.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Lov elove, Andrew. Bye.

Can You Tell We Are In Hell

We are in the netherworld of corruptness,
And what does painstakingly suppress
Is the digest of what is best,
As we are under needless duress.

A sinful way can come out to play;
And being in a mindful way
We can stray to being made of clay,
As we were nurtured into creations DNA.

Mother Nature brought us up, to sip and sup
From the Holy cup, as not to rot with a trot
Away, to sway another way, is to decay like rot
And to reminisce a kiss of bliss is hot.

We can live through cremation, as creation
Manufactured cells to live through living hells,
We can all live forever, together to endeavour
All types of weather, and to not sever.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Love  love, Andrew.  Bye.

A Wealth In Stealth

Am I studied and learned in psychobiolgy,
And am I a productive and constructive prodigy
To my insane inhibitions of mentality
Which was at a gravity of insanity.
What am I to you, and are you true
In your beliefs, that the griefs
In life are but your own trouble and strife;
Mindful minds are devoid of this hypocrisy.

And what remains a written mystery
Is will you be free to flee or see;
As are you pretentious in your beliefs
Or do you seek refuge in your disbelief's.
Be honest with yourself, and search for wealth
In Jesus' integrity, a vanity of a stealth of health.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

A sonnet.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye. 

To Be Heard Not Like A Nerd

Mother Nature is momentous,
She is a force to reckoned with,
Are you a believer and with us
And are you inclined to give.

Are you under disrespectful
Duress, and do you transgress
Your stress, in being neglectful
To yourself, a sorrowful mess.

The un-well, un-healthy
Can be the poor or wealthy,
So store what is in store
At being sore to the core.

We all have a gripe, a hype
Of out of sight ripe might,
As lots of us are in flight
From third world plight.

The spirit has been heard
And spreading the word
I will be within the herd
Of not being a shy nerd.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Sore To Implore

To Clare, are you still aware
That I respectfully care,
You are in my favour
Believing in the Saviour.

Jesus love is a blessing
And I will be stressing
That to open His door
Is a respective score.

I am all about rejoicing
In what Christians sing
That the Son is Godly
And humbly supplementary
To the spirits' popularity.

For I do implore to the poor
To be rich in striving
To not being sore
At those who are believing
And are not giving in to sinning
Thus stressing that transgressing
Is not a blessing but an addressing.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Sigh.

Potentially Heavenly

God is a psych-cell so small,
Yet when she comes to be,
She will arise so tall
Above all land and sea.

See and humbly believe
In her Adam and Eve,
A crop not forgot
From the ticking clock.

She is Mother Nature,
And with her nurture
We can secretly treasure
Her endeavour of weather.

The elements will be awash
On her shore, to implore
To the poor to know the score
Of knocking on Jesus' door.

Are you affluently posh,
Looking down on others,
And do you dish out the dosh
To deserving sisters and brothers.

Repent and relent from being hell-bent
On what angels are heavenly sent,
As in disguise in your eyes is a prize
Of being modestly, and humbly wise.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. LoveLove, Andrew. Bye.


I like to get high,
As in standing tall,
The past is nigh
A call to all.

God is omnipresent
And omniscient,
He is a she,
And will come to be.

The first psych-cell
Is our No1 mother,
She will be a lover
Of heaven from hell.

Hell on earth is a phrase
To devilish subjects to praise,
Yet they are naive to conceive
That this is a prayer to believe.

God will beckon and reckon
With her blessing addressing,
Sins will be suppressing
As Jesus suffering as the Son.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Blue To Renew

Are you now chilled from acting like ice,
And do you foresee all things nice,
As I am a drip when it comes to you
Acting weak with the blues to renew.

I was down, but I'm now feeling good,
And as I encounter the tearful flood;
I am wet with a saturation of neglect,
And I am small like a tiny insect.

But I am tall, and I let out a crying call
For you, Clare, to have a care, and not fall
Into the pit of despair, as I have a flare
To heed with greed the need to feed with care.

I'm hungry for your love, and long to taste you,
Your lips were luscious to kiss, and like glue
We stuck to each other for long duration's
Which was appealing in revealing dedications.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Lovelove, Andrew. Bye.

Be Truthful To Youself

Clare, do I make you lachrymose;
I would gladly give you a rose,
To show how much you mean to me;
A transparent supplication to be.
Will you take the plunge, diving deep
Into my pool of wisdom, which does seep
To keep you afloat, as I truly mope
And from my throat will not be a choke.

As I struggle with being alone at home,
I am prone to moan and groan, homegrown
Tendencies of cry's and sighs from goodbyes,
Instead of a meeting with a greeting -
While not regretting the fretting
Of my trying while not denying the lies.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

A sonnet.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew.

Rhymes Between The Lines

Clare, do you like my likeability,
And are you thinking sensibly,
Are your thoughts irrational
To summons being contemptible.

I am an enigma to decipher,
And what does better and matter
Is being as mad as a hatter,
A fable able to muster a cluster.

Reach up to the stars that glow,
And grasp where you want to sow,
As your seed will heed the need
To be without greedy greed.

Take my hand and I'll lead the way,
Embrace my comfort and I will play
Gently and soft - but hard at times,
As I am expressing between the lines.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Explosive Exposure

Battling certain elements, I strive on,
Surviving by using my whit and not the gun,
Manoeuvring within my means and capability
Surpassing expectations of susceptibility.
I was generalising corporal punishment,
A means of harassment to I being innocent,
But often I cut myself with a sharp knife,
Suffering without my common-in-law wife.

I was aghast at my past - sometimes I was free
From having a grave and insane mentality,
And I was to rationally think of she and me,
But my perceptions were miss-directions,
As she can have suspicions of my intentions,
Which can be deciphered with my many mentions.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 24/06/2017

A sonnet.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Friday, 23 June 2017

I Will Adhere To My Near And Dear

I hope my daughter has a merry time
On her birthday, and she is inclined
To wish others well in kind to find
Reciprocal behaviour in being kind.

She is a treasure to behold in my thoughts,
And as I appreciate her pleasing oughts
With what ever endeavour I can muster
She will still be a measure of a master.

She governs with respect, and like an insect
She is small, yet stands tall in her aspect
Of being an individual, with a voice to be heard
And with my writing skills I will spread the word.

Her words are gentle and soft, and she holds aloft
Being trustworthy, and with her word she is heard
In being respectful, and honestly with integrity
She does express her feelings which are soft.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 23/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Love You More

I love the rest of my family similarly,
But I love my daughter more, and I implore
To other as sisters and brothers, to hopefully,
Understand the score of extreme loving to the core.

She is my life and means the world to me,
And with this shining love you will aptly see
Tranquillity in she and me, and hopefully to be
A testament of appeasement in feeling happily in glee.

I've been to see her today, and she does sway
My poetic way, and she adores my written scores,
As I am very heard and strong with a worldly belong
And I adore her being a modest part of this throng.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 23/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

To Be We'll Happily See

My daughter is wise beyond her years,
And seemingly without any fears,
She travels through life being nice
With little retribution for strife.

She administers authority, fully able
And stable, to a lesser minority,
As she keeps in close company
Her close friends and family.

She is a technocrat to her offspring,
Exercising Carte Blanche over their affairs,
And they do appreciatively and pleasantly sing
Her praises with many personal cares.

She is within the chorus throng of worldly belong,
And preaches sanity over vanity - a mentality
Of serenity, and with a popularity like a song
She is savoured with endearment with behaving happily.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 23/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Blessing In Disguise

Hip hip hooray, it is my daughter's birthday
She has grown in experience and wisdom,
And like the Biblical king Solomon,
She is wise in a knowledgeable way.

She has matured, and she is adored
By her close family and friends
And she follows fashionable trends
Such as fighting without the sword.

She sticks up for herself with a passion,
And looks after my interests of staying well,
As she has nurtured I from a tormented hell
Of a spell-binding, blinding derision.

I love her with the colours of the rainbow,
And with the strength of the blowing wind,
She is supplementary to me being kind
Which she emulates with a shining glow.

She is a beacon light of might from gripe,
And under her shadow I will ultimately strive
To live my life not dead but very alive
And to survive the horrors of my plight.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 23/06/2017

A poem for my loving daughter, Georgia, who's birthday it is soon.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

In And Out With A Shout

Clare, I miss you terribly,
And with deep regret I was a threat
To my modest-self, and sadly
I was a losing my odds of a fret.

I am better now, and hurt myself -
Into a pit of deteriorating health,
But with a wealth of pride
I no-longer side with how I did hide.

I was missing my faculties
But now with my own remedies
I am nurturing I without goodbye
As what is nigh is a Godly sigh.

I fell in love with Jesus
At a dwelling time of hardship,
He can still be a part of us
As we can continue our courtship.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 22/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


You can get ripped off anywhere,
As we all live in a lair
Of prowlers into conning
With no scruples of belonging.

They don't sing a song of worldly belong
And remain in the annoying throng
Of dishonest and cunning criminals
Acting as respectful citizens.

I've been ripped off numerous times online,
And they find in-kind to be acting within the law,
So they don't have a sentence of serving their time,
As they know loopholes, and acting like moles
They implore to the rich and poor to open their door.

Will fate catch up with them, and will karma score
For us victims in remaining and suffering the sore
Mentality of their gravity in fleecing we,
Remains to be as they are a travesty to being free.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 22/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

I Know The Score

Certain figures can be aptly revealing
In what they are cunningly concealing,
As a summons can be remanding and appealing
If you are not stealing and/or are healing.

Criminality is rife, and life can be strife,
Mend your ways to free you from hostile spite,
And with might I will remand you in my custody
To be free from hostility, and to ask why try to pry.

I'm interested in how you are, and from afar
I will believe in you to leave hope's door ajar,
As I will be rallying with my reasoning
With peeking how you are blossoming.

Clare, I respectfully respect you so,
And I want you to know that I glow
In knowing the score - to help the poor,
And I implore to open a welcoming door.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 22/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

I Am Ecclesiastical

You've made me woebegone,
My new times apparently begun
Are at a tether, and on a leash
I will act like a priest.

Jesus was all heart and ache
And he did forsake the take
From the needy, and the greedy,
And you will see harmony in He and me.

I will aspire to your desire of fire,
And with passion I will keep you warm,
And with looking after you I will not tire
Of speed to heed with greed holding your palm.

To be or not to be, that was the question,
And do you flee in glee in being neglectful to we,
Is a situation I will fight with might of the Son -
Please put my mind at ease from this pleading plea.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 22/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Full Of Woe

I am woefully missing you with woefulness,
And I was under needless psychotic duress,
And with my endeavours of illness
I was suffering immense stress.

Can you have a forgiving heart,
For my unsightly art of being apart
From my faculties, and I'll paint a picture
Of you and me being together for our forever.

I'm still loving your essence, a treasure
I do measure with time passing by, and as I cry
I wonder why you don't try to get in-touch with me,
A summons I'll work out in another era of being supplementary.

Years have passed, and I've been aghast with the past,
And what was not to last is my deteriorating sanity,
As I've been on a missionary task to ask
Heathens in a medical injustice vanity.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 22/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Thinking Of Us

My philosophies about philanthropy are laid bare,
And I am an open book to heed with a loving care,
And I don't have greed as I like to feed
A palatable digest with a planted seed.

Seeds grow into life, and blossom and bloom,
And while I won't be soon to be a groom,
I can still infiltrate a debate to sate
Your appetite of I literary sight in wait.

My words can penetrate to a great height
If you heed the need to feed your thinking
Into what I am relating with debating gripe
About unjustly site of souls sinking.

We can sink to depths of despair
Seemingly without a worldly care,
And as we lay ourselves bare
Will others stand and stare.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 22/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Believe In Me And We

Clare, believe in us being together,
To last for our eternal forever,
And we can share each other
As a dedicated lover.

Love me until the end of days,
And I'll change my eccentric ways,
To suit yourself into not feeling blue
From my honest intentions which are so true.

I trust in the Son, and love my daughter,
And will humbly and modestly seek after
Our celestial well-being in seeing
Up to the stars with believing.

Shine brightly with me and see
How we can share tranquillity to be
An upstanding couple living in modesty
As I like to share with a care of lenity.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 22/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Duration Supplication

Clare, did you stare in disbelief
At my self-harming suffering grief,
And was you at your whits end
With being my loving girlfriend.

I wasn't myself, tormented by my health,
And you was an undercover lover in stealth,
As I was a revelation of segregation
With your separation supplication.

We needed a break, but now I ache
To take you back into my arms
Where we will each not forsake
Each other as a lover of psalms.

Teach to me your thoughts of oughts,
And I will pause in time to rhyme
A better time to come as I am taught
By your past philosophies of my time.

In time we can come to be set free
From all of our overbearing hostility,
And with what remains to be and see
Is a loving partnership in tranquillity.

Arrest me, and lock me up in your company
And with supervision I will abide to we
For a duration of elevation to a delegation
Of family supplication rather than separation.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 22/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A Turn For The Better

I am now feeling very well,
Not under a cursed spell
Of a mentality so grave
Where I wasn't to behave.
I was irrational with myself
While suffering this ill-health,
I was prone to self-harm
Not being rationally calm.

I have regrettable regrets
Of the humiliating threats
Of a threatening behaviour
Of psychotic endeavour
Of to weather a storm
About being at a 'norm'.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/06/2017

A sonnet.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Liberty Transparacy

I was irate with hate
About a mental debate,
Should I remain on injections
With all of its subjection's
Or should I go back to pills
With suffering the detrimental ills.
Both are a civil liberty of unjust
Transparency as I am now hushed.

I am a conquest to be a reject,
And battling the sleepy side-effect
I soldier on, but am not myself
Suffering this medical stealth
Of plying their trade of health
With pharmaceutical wealth.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/06/2017

A sonnet.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Connotation Supplication

I like to be creative,
Being highly productive
In what I am expressing
Without too much stressing.

I like to be constructive
In whatever perspective,
I am semantic with connotations
With strong family connections.

My family look after me,
And hopefully and respectfully
I will honourably be to he and she
A person of integrity popularity.

Am I a site worth seeing now
With where, why, who and how
I can express myself with a wealth
Of nurturing health with stealth.

I am on my own at the moment,
And looking back to the present
I am blinded by the past, to last
In aghast of ghosts to pass.

But looking ahead, putting to bed
What was honestly said instead
Of dwelling on what you fear -
A haunting that I will adhere.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sway Without Decay

Are you polarized with how I am,
And are you puzzled with clues,
I have been feeling the blues
Like our dear own Peter Pan.

To view without pursue
Of what is to renew
Is knowing what's true
To me and hopefully to you.

Devilish encounters are to sway
A lot of humble peoples' way,
And with having a popular say
You can stray to play another day.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Turn In Direction

Are you a continuum of my epithets,
With welcoming regrets about threats,
And acting sombrely and soberly,
With he and she acting disrespectfully.

Are you under needless duress,
Where you suffer the transgress
Of being picked on, an eaten digest
Of arrest on your behalf of what's best.

A lot have palatable tastes in humane decency,
And what is transparent is to be Christianly
Is being heavenly, and sensibly,
I will adhere to he and she as a we.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

See The Light Of Might

I'm locked in a cupboard,
And I can't get out,
I am searching within
To let out a shout.

I'm in suspense, with pretence,
As I am full of appetence
About fighting in defence
Of whence a foe makes an appearance.

Don't despairingly rage from afar,
As what was shut is now ajar,
Come nearer from being afar
And I will say a thankful prayer.

To be Christianly is being Godly,
And an evangelistic plea to see
Will be coming from me, now set free
To encounter and endeavour a plea.

While fleeing you can be flying,
And instead of not denying the trying
Of why experience dying with sighing,
When we have forever in evolving.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Fools Don't Use Tools

Am I being subliminal,
And are you perceiving,
We are not irrational
In what we are believing.

I am out in the open,
Keeping my mouth shut,
As what was shaken
Is now in a rut.

I'm wet with tears from years
Of suppressing fears,
I was unwell suffering a hell
Of being profound in my hospital cell.

Come around to the euphonious sound
That is heavenly found to be bound
In and around the moat where I gloat
Under a spell of a throttling throat.

My words were daft, I need a raft
To escape this pool of being a fool,
Come hither and weather being together
With whatever writing tools you can muster.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

An Eyeful Euphonious Words

Are you thinking in presupposition mode,
About turning a prince from a toad,
Supernaturally and sensibly
It can be perceived indiscriminately.

Is Clare my princess, and as I croak
Stuck in this moat, I can choke
My words and sentences out
From a verbal bout with clout.

Is she the one for me, forever to be
In a trance of tranquillity, and merrily
We can be a partner together to weather
The whether or not to I endeavour.

I am elevated, and with a lift we can shift
Ourselves in a sea of rocking waves, adrift
With the same sensibilities of supposition
Of my impending position of not being over you.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Saving Grace

Are you hag-ridden,
And am I expounding,
All of a sudden
I am expanding.

Demanding times require
A hidden desire
To alight an eternal fire
Without the need to tire.

Do you believe in evolving
Words to be solving
Equations and a summons
Of what scripts governs.

I eulogise Jesus and fell in love,
He was a force from up above,
As God was in his favour
To be our saving Saviour.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Enigma Stigma

I am at a crossroads,
Indecisive play or stray,
And with plenty of goads
I'm in a dilemma of which way.

Does she still have feelings,
And are these ripe for plucking,
Or is she still seething,
At what I was missing.

My faculties were out of place,
Such horrors for a beautiful face,
But I now have saving grace
Searching for love not to go to waste.

She is studied and learned,
And understands I mode,
And what is now said
Can be translated in code.

I am an enigma of subjects,
And what merriment I can muster,
Can come my way without a master
Of being my own destiny reject.

But that was then and this is now,
And can she understand how
I was to know to grow
And will bow down to sow.

Sow a word or two your way,
Come gently out to play,
And sway my humble way
With little decay.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Why Deny Try Of Cry

I am feeling high
With the why try
To deny the sigh
Of hello from goodbye.

We exist in endeavour,
And endure stormy weather,
So together together
We can severe our tether.

We are prisoners living diplomatically,
And as you judge yourself to be free
Think independently and see if you
Are feeling blue without what is true.

Jesus was the Truth and the Light,
And he can free you from plight
Of an almighty might of sight
Of third world gripe.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Flare To Care

I am having a drink;
I still rationally think,
Which can take I to the brink
Of an international stink.

We starve others who are
Sisters and Brothers,
And even from afar
We are nurturing mothers.

A paradox that is clear,
And who holds sincere
Of giving a cheer to hosts
Of ghosts, as our life is a boast.

We eat and drink to sink to depths
Of despair, as lots don't care
Of their vulnerability to stare
At their own life abound with strife.

Are you a husband, a wife, a partner,
And does your significant other
Savour your flavour with care
Instead of intimidating you with a flare.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Signpost

I've been contemplating life,
With all of its Strife,
And we are a wealth of health
Populating the world in stealth.

Over time, we have come to be
The popular species to see -
Who is under scrutiny popularity
And is she or he acting respectfully.

We look up to peers, and are able
To adhere to their cheer of near and dear,
And to put on a show of glow with the know
That they give a little from a lot - not very sincere.

Lots are lonely, prisoners
In their own mind, to find
In kind the sign to blind
You from the real sinners.

A signpost to host the toast
And cheer to adhere to what's sincere,
As in a true politicians post
Of acting the part without fear.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

My Own Victim

My delusions were my own,
Mischievously prone
To play with my sanity
That imprisoned me.

I was locked up in my mind,
Contemplating reality in kind,
As everyone was under scrutiny
A mental and stupid travesty.

For a long duration of sedation,
I was under investigation,
For I was observably thick
With the stick that comes with being sick.

I travelled through a nightmare,
Without a personal care,
And with shouts of suppression
I instrumented my own depression.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Change For The Better

I used to stammer and stutter,
While I was living in the gutter,
As in socialising with the notorious
Rendering my faculties as frivolous.

I got paranoid of their endeavours,
Searching for their illicit treasures,
I went on my own way which was not to sway
As I came to face yet another day at play.

I searched for myself, suffering ill-health,
But with a blessing of a wealth of stealth
I have climbed to heights sought after
By studying hard and being a grafter.

I've now come out of my shell, from my own hell
Of being susceptible to being unwell,
I have overcome tribulations of delegations
Of medical subjection's for observations.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Does Clare Still Care

I am fretting in despair,
As does Clare still care,
I do not know the answer
To this intimate question.

I've been texting her so,
To let her humbly know
That I still love her so
And my love does grow.

She might be with another,
Which I might discover,
I hope she is not undercover
As another lover.

I will write my plight,
To experience the fight
Rather than taking flight -
I'll gripe with all of my might.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Aghast At The Past

I have been for an injection,
That is administered with objection,
I am under needless subjection,
I need to turn in a different direction.

A turn for the worst is in the past,
I am thankful that it didn't last,
As it turned me absolutely aghast
With a long duration of a fast.

But I am well, and was under a spell
Of a ringing bell letting out a knell,
And for all to hear with cheer or fear
I was prone to shedding a saddening tear.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Blue Sky

I've just been for a walk in the sun,
And have worried perspectives,
Of what achieving directives
I can muster with what has begun.

My longing to live again, without refrain,
As I like honour in I name without being insane,
But under what direction shall I fall under
Without the crying thunder of going under.

I am a man of integrity, and honestly
I will abide with the side of modesty,
As to she and he who live their life humbly
Are a treasure of whatever endeavour I can muster.

Have faith and trust in Jesus love, and from above
You'll hear the sky rumble over the concrete jungle,
As to have little faith with being in the gutter
Is a palatable taste that is sick at the stick that
Comes with it, try some love which can lack.

The poor understand suffering, and thus weathering
A storm of a torn apart art, as you can be colourful
In the picture each individual can bring with lack of bling,
And they can sing the blues while still being tuneful.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Prevailing Sailing

I am not in a rush, and I hush
What prevails, as in gales
Of force far greater, lush
Landscapes with plenty of wails.

In my land of make believe,
I do passionately grieve,
As I am to perceive
Of when I am to leave.

I want to wander in wonder
At creations awesome splendour,
And to create my own inner peace
Without the worrying of deceit.

Fly with me over valley and mountain,
And for sure I'll implore to maintain
Your sensibility to see in glee we,
And together we can endeavour precariously.

Life is precarious, and we can stumble
With a moan and grumble in the concrete jungle,
And as life passes by we can cry and sigh to why
Try being reckless in your ways with deny.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Innate Debate

I am a caring person,
And with precision
I will express division,
An equation under supervision.

We look but do we care,
And we can sombrely stare
At what to observably beware,
That we don't want to share.

If you have a lot, you can rot
At suppression's, and have a digest
To put under superficial arrest
You consciousness, not forgot.

If you are poor you know the score
Of being locked out of a door
But this can be a paradox endeavour,
As Jesus can calm some stormy weather.

Be generous in you giving, not forsaking
The innate qualities you posses in duress
At you not taking noticeable greed to feed
This heed of loving yourself with a need.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

I Am Waiting For Us

I will wait patiently in tow,
Of pursuing you with the knowledge
That you might slow down so
I can catch up with a pledge.
I want you so, and I wanted you to know,
That I've been patient with your stresses,
But my love does grow and grow to sow
A crop forgot by the ticking clock duress's.

I've been under duress, to digest what is best,
And to weather a storm about being at a 'norm',
So come and believe in me, and we can arrest
Ourselves to be free from the scorn
Of know it all philosophy philanthropy
From others scrutiny popularity of we.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 20/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Monday, 19 June 2017

An Angel In My Loving Eyes

I love and care for Clare with fervour,
She was always in my humble favour,
She believed in the blessed Saviour
And was a site to treasure with a measure.

A measure of parameter, with no bounds
And a meaningful partner together;
We can weather any storm that comes our way
As she might diligently come out to play.

You were a blessing in disguise, and in my eyes
You were a treasure of measure with being together;
And a metric art apart, as you were celestial -
As in being heavenly sent, you are an angel.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 19/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Torment Of Resentment

I'm a former-shadow of myself,
As I was suffering ill-health,
But quietly in diplomatic stealth,
I am nurturing myself with wealth.

I'm a wealth of characteristics,
And as time passes by in ticks
I think rationally with my sanity,
And refrain from the ill-gain of vanity.

It's nice to be nice and look good,
And also to have an accommodation,
So search and be wise as you should,
With whatever supplication dedication.

Dedicate yourself with as much health,
And with your amassing wealth
Of feeling good, under a hood of should
As blood can pour of not knowing the score.

Have empathy for those less-fortunate,
And share with a care of passionate flare
As without understanding of the ache
Coming from taking rather than a giving care.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 19/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

I Am Rational

I love to love,
And do so with a passion,
And with a shove,
I seek satisfaction.

A shove from others -
My sisters and brothers,
As they passionately glow
With a loving know.

I'm all alone in my home,
Except I'm with my dog, Sadie,
She has humanly grown
With nurturing sensibility.

I want to be with Clare,
As I passionately care,
She was a sense of sensation,
Enduring our duration supplication.

Life can suck at the best of times,
And as I like to write rhymes
To pass the time of day
While waiting for her to come and play.

I loved her rationality, sensibility,
And she loved indiscriminately so,
So I wanted her to adoringly know
That I no longer suffer from irrationality.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 19/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

We've Evolved

Our subconscious controls billions of psych-cells,
Who don't think for themselves, they are controlled,
And while we sleep they have a rest from their hell,
Of being subjected and rejected despite being bold.
They are our subconscious subjects, not rejects,
As they are a constant part of us, being told
How to behave, and they can be brave, as insects
So small, yet they stand tall as a human ticks.

Ticks as in time, as they like to be in sync,
As a child can grow slow with the know
Of the sow, from a crop forgot, and as you trot
Don't let time forget, and don't fret so,
As they all work for a common cause,
And are never - ever at a pause.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 17/06/2017

A sonnet.

I believe that our subconscious controls the body with telepathic communication. And as cells touch this is a must of trust, as you don't think for muscle to move as you manoeuvre! Telepathy exists inside each and every body, humans and species. I believe that the first psych-cell to exist is our God, and that she evolved species and vegetation up until a certain stage of age, and then she was probably frozen in time. I believe that worms collect psych-cells from the earth, and want to be eaten by birds to return psych-cells to the sea. We are approximately 70% water, which is living DNA, which I think survives after death, and in some point of time hopes to return back to the sea, a vision of tranquillity. So in years to come we might be able to return back to life. DNA psych-cells must have video memory to know how to evolve, and to accommodate species (us included) to how they want to be. I believe that DNA takes notice of want, will, need and fear, and does adhere to sincere requirements of this nature.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Amazon Jungle Ant

The Amazon Jungle Ant
Devours their prey,
In sync with others
As sisters and brothers.

They are controlled by telepathy,
A subjection of special humility,
As they are all controlled in sync
That takes them to the brink.

They are controlled by the queen
Who is under cover as another,
And they are so very clever
Coming over what-ever endeavour.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 14/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Humility Ability

The Amazon jungle ant
Has amazing powers,
As the queen Ant
Doesn't cowers.

She controls the tribe
Through AI technology,
And these subjects come to be
An injustice subject ability.

They kill hostile terrors,
With precise humility,
And have the ability
To subject these horrors.

The queen is under-cover,
And thus does discover
That a humble ant does dance
In being in a trance.

Telepathy exists in existence,
And do dolphins have this ability,
To catch fish in respectability
To she and he feeding respectfully.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 14/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

I Can Tell

I believe in God DNA,
And the first psych cell
Tried to alleviate our hell,
Of not coming out to play.

We evolved from the sea,
A vision of tranquility
That was not to be
As we were needy.

We needed to eat and drink,
And terror was everywhere,
So we evolved to think
And to take special care.

We have a subconscious,
That controls our body,
As we are not fully conscious
With this inner ability.

Our subconscious controls the body
Through contact telepathy,
As we don't think to move muscle
It's a psych-cell hustle and bustle.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 14/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


I miss you terribly so,
And I wanted you to know,
That I love you still,
And am sorry I was ill.

You were a treasure to me,
And I wanted us to especially be
A pair experiencing tranquillity -
Come back to me and set me free.

Free from the hostility of others
As I believe we are all sisters and brothers,
But others don't believe in my philosophy,
So come and believe and be with me.

You can share your beliefs with I,
And we can both cry and sigh
At the suffering of Jesus by Romans,
A regrettable and unjust summons.

You mean the world to me and I am to be
A respectful site of worldly might
As I fight with a gripe of out of sight
Third world unsightly plight.

Share my thoughts and fight for injustice,
And we can share a fortune in bliss,
Come hither and alight my fire
An eternal erotic desire.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 14/06/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Monday, 22 May 2017

A Saintly Angel

A beauty within without blemish, a purity that I cherish as a blessing.
Look, and you will see harmony in her and I together, and thus stressing
That angelic caressing of my outward transgressing is a cure not to ignore.
I am a new shape to mould, in and out of body, as in experience before.

Clare is a pilgrimage of wayfaring worth, and I will pay homage in kind
To her Christianly deeds of charitable needs; an odyssey I will truly find
Enlightening to expectations from her revelations of heavenly supplications.
She is a temple of wisdom remedying my suffering with godly interventions.

I will embrace her morality with a similarity of my own, that we can nurture;
We can weather life’s storm of flooding tears with good character and nature,
And soak up our sorrows to brighten our tomorrows with visionary insight
Of a new testament to love and to hold - a passion to recite with literary might.

She has an aura veiling her, bright like the sun, which emits intellectual grace,
And as I study this illumination highlighting her infallible beauty upon my face,
I am drawn in to her forgiving heart, wrapped in a halo, that warms my being.
I am redeemed in her guidance and inspiration, and I’m now a sight worth seeing.

© Andrew Stevenson 22/05/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye. 

Sunday, 21 May 2017

I'm Waiting For You

To Clare I care, and I wanted you to know,
That my love for you does grow and grow.
You were beautiful to me, and I want you to see,
That I am waiting for you respectfully,
As I have no intentions of any other mentions
Of female interactions, unwanted distractions
From focusing on you, my feelings are true
Come hither and stop me from feeling blue.

I hope you still feel the same way too,
I'm quite lost without you to pursue.
You are beautiful, pretty and attractive,
And when we were interactive in positive
Endeavours, you meant the world to me,
Come back to me and set me free neglectful glee.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 21/05/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Rose Three

Rose is a flower who can devour a shower of tears, and lap up sadness, returning happiness, and she is an inspiration to I literary aspirations, as with her, a poetic piece becomes a worth of affluence, as I now have a wealth of health.

She has stealth in her words, which penetrate my very being, and upon seeing her sweet verses, I am
spell-bound in enchantment, as she is a sacrament of nutrition to saviour, as she seems True to her heart, and regardless of being worlds apart, she is an apple cart of wisdom, and after a taste of her affection, I will turn in her direction, and we can share our palatable oaths with toasts of cheer, and sip the vows of hosts, without the ghosts of the past, as we will surpass history, and bend on a knee, and pray for the brighter day of loving, joyful play!

This was an email I wrote for an African girl I was dating online. There are two previous posts on Rose, this being the final one.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

© Andrew Stevenson 29/1/14

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Rose Two

You are a sight to see, a vision of tranquillity, and like the light of life, you shine to supplement my strife, as your warmth is comforting, and your embrace is nurturing, and as I grow with your nutritional sense, I blossom in your reciprocation's of expressive supplications, with dedications in context with your morality, a vanity of sanity that is complementary to visions of ‘we’, and together we can bloom, as in a bride and groom, if you prove to be, the one for me!

I long to caress your text of philosophies, and will heed your need to feed this creed with a seed to plant, a foundation to build upon, to fill our hearts with empathy, of suffering philanthropy, as I am learned and understand the barren hand that feeds your land, and as bushes burn under the heat, we will passion our thoughts with ought’s, and ignite a fight to this plight, as a concrete jungle sprouts with bouts of suppression, with a crop forgot, and as populaces thirst and hunger, the thunder that will blow from the sky, is a godly cry and sigh as to why flourish being impoverished - a capitalistic and tyrant disgrace in the face of humanity!

I hope you like this poem, it expresses that if I make my fortune, I will be charitable and aid the just cause of trying to alleviate some suffering in your environment. I am a humble and modest person, and am not greedy, and think of the needy, and although it’s nice to live comfortably, appropriately, it’s also nice to think of others, as we are ‘all’ Sisters and Brothers, and those that deserve a helping hand should prosper in your land to think of others too!

As a Utopian I believe in sharing, and caring, and hugging and loving, and being a nice person, as it’s nice to be nice! I love liking you, and you seem surreal, as I’ve been searching for a lady with values such as you have, and I’d like to care for you, and comfort you, and share my LOVE with you, as you are a delight, and deliciously presented, as in you are so attractive, pretty, and beautiful, and I long and lust to be in your arms, an embrace I’d treasure!

Do not wither my rose, flourish with I comforting warmth, and bloom in your essence, which I love!
Take wonderful and gentle care.

© Andrew Stevenson  28/1/14

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Rose One

I trust your hand of hope, in the scope of loving aspirations, and Godly intentions: entwine your fingers in mine, and you will find, love ‘in kind’, as I have in mind to gently lead you out of the dark, to embark on a path of righteous integrity with sincerity, as I have faith in thee, and you will see a light emblazoned with a fiery passion with an explosion of a Biblical proportion, as I am Christianly in morality, and have values that are complimentary to being good natured, an innate quality to sate your curiosity, and enhance your ability to see clearly, as in my palm you will feel matrimonial inclinations of loving supplications.

© Andrew Stevenson  28/1/14

This was written for an African girl I was dating online, sadly she parted her ways from our conversing, nursing her pride of being poor!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

I Am Feeling Blue Without You

Clare, come and set me free,
From waiting for you to be with me,
You were an essence of tranquillity.
I was blind before I met thee;
You've opened my eyes to see,
Life at it fullest in glee
With you respectfully by my side
Not acting like a Jeckal and Hyde.

I'm on my own at this mention
And have been for a duration:
I'm suffering loneliness without you,
My feelings for you were so true,
Help me from feeling blue
Without you to pursue.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 11/05/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Monday, 8 May 2017

I Want You Back

To Clare, I want you to know,
That my seeds to you I will sow,
Until you come to humbly be
With me respectfully.
I will entertain you with my wisdom
An oracle of things to come.
Guide me with your knowledge
Which to me is a pilgrimage.

Hold my hand and let me lead the way
To better times of playing without decay.
I was ill when we parted, a sad ending
So let's be truthful without pretending,
As it's not a lie to say I cry,
Can't you reason justly why.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 08/05/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Will You Be Reciprocal

I'm in love with a beautiful female,
Our love did blossom and was stable,
We helped each other from strife,
And was to each other nice.
She helped me though my day and night
Alleviating some of my gripe and fright,
Of suffering with the condition of bipolar
With irresponsible negative behaviour.

I hope she still loves me, and will come to be,
An essence of our personal tranquillity.
She can savour my friendly behaviour
Of a sharing and caring endeavour,
And we can share our stormy weather
Through our existent forever.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 04/05/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A sonnet.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Where Are You

I haven't seen my ex for a while,
She used to make me constantly smile,
She was an inspiration to my sanity
And me and she used to play happily.

Where are you now, and what are you up to,
I'm wondering and pondering without you,
You were to me everything sweet and nice,
An essence of my personal paradise.

Oh Clare I love you greatly so,
And I want you to respectfully know
That my loving love does grow and grow,
And my poetic seeds I will endlessly sow.

Read my verses and reap what I type,
With all of your God given might,
And be Christianly in your demeanour
Of which I do cherishingly treasure.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 01/05/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

An Honour

To be immortalised with words can be an honour,
As it can keep your memory alive after you're a gonner,
And to appreciate a kindly word or two your way
Is a positive and justly way to play.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 07/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

To Clare I Still Care

Clare, I miss you humbly so,
And I respectfully want you to know,
That I'd like us to be together
For our existent forever.

You meant the world to me,
And I want you to be
Next to me in our tranquillity
As we play quite happily.

You were to me a sense of pride,
And we were both on each others' side,
Come back to me and enjoy the ride
And to you chivalrously I will abide.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 25/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Do You Still Care

Take my hand and let me lead the way,
We'll travel through a loving relationship,
And I will not stray another's way to play
As I will be committed to our partnership.
Enjoy the ride as I abide to the pleasure
Of your pretty, attractive and beautiful-self,
And we'll weather what ever stormy weather
Comes our way, remaining in good health.

Will you take the plunge and share my wisdom
Of good and prosperous times to come.
Are you still attracted to me as you were
And are you still up for some happiness.
Clare I will sombrely stare until you care
And will be full of a deep sadness.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 17/04/2017

A sonnet.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Take My Hand

Take my hand, what do I feel,
Tingles that are surreal,
A warmth to treasure forever
Guiding me through stormy weather.
Kiss my lips expressively so,
And go sensationally slow;
Squeeze me with all of your might,
And look into my eyes with your sight.

See me look back with a passion,
Giving you my fervent attention;
Hug me tighter and I'll reciprocate,
And with loving words we can supplicate
Our wills, thrills, wants and desires
Expressively so without any denials.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 16/04/2017

A sonnet.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Love Others As Sisters And Brothers

If you love Jesus you are a disciple,
And have a responsibility to be humble,
And to be generous in your giving
And to be forgiving to those sinning.

Be like the Preacher and Teacher
And administer to the searcher
A wisdom about the Truth and Light
To see them from a gripe of plight.

Jesus loved his neighbour
And did savour with favour
Others of a similarity
Being kind to she and he.

Love Jesus' love, and share yourself
With this sharing and caring wealth,
And to care with a sharing attitude
To God's and the Holy Spirit's gratitude.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 15/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

I Care For Clare

I love my ex-partner more than words can tell,
She rescued me from suffering a personal hell;
I was ill and prone to have delusions -
Paranoia bouts with scary illusions.
And during these confusions
She was a sight of delight
Alleviating some of my plight
From a haunting fright.

She nurtured with pleasure the endeavour
Of us being together, despite our stormy weather,
As lots of rain did fall from our eyes
And lots of my thunder cried out in cries,
But she didn't say her goodbyes,
A welcoming and nice surprise.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 15/04/2017

A sonnet.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


A criminal walking in the street,
Where he chanced upon to meet
An associate of a similarity
Both on a shoplifting spree.

They conspired together
To share their endeavour.
They entered through a door
Of a popular high street store.

Browsing to see what to steal -
Keeping it inconspicuously real,
As in blending in with the crowd
With attire not being loud.

A rack of shirts rolled into a ball
Put into a jacket - a tidy haul:
Off on their way, watching intently
For any of the shop's authority.

On the street it is still not safe
You have to walk at a pace
As to avoid the shops security -
To remain safe and free.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 13/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Love His Love

Jesus filled empty hearts with love,
He taught about God in heaven above,
And that he was the blessed Son
Teaching and preaching God's wisdom.

Jesus helped the humble and poor,
And fed them with food for thought,
Speaking parables to entice being nice
And to make them think more than twice.

Jesus was an ecclesiastical inspiration
Teaching about the Church's supplication
To the needy, and not the greedy heathen,
Not believing in God's heavenly heaven.

Jesus was forgiving in His nature,
And He did nurture with favour
The repentant and remorseful sinner,
Who from being a loser is now a winner.

Jesus showed empathy and compassion
And was a sensational aspiration
To those of a lesser degree
Searching to be set free.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 14/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

I Still Care For Clare

I'm missing you, my lovely Clare,
You are living out there somewhere,
A treasure indeed to behold and save
Understanding my mentality so grave.

We had some good times out in nature
Experiencing it in all of its splendour,
Holding hands and walking closely together -
You were a character to savour with favour.

I love you, and hope you'll be reciprocally
The same, as you did tame me appropriately
In a manner to keep my sanity for a while,
Wearing on my face an almost constant smile.

We used to lovingly love with a passion
You were to me a sensational sensation,
We used to embrace for timely duration's
Adhering to each others' supplications.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 11/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Good Intentions

A fair lady in the street
Staring down at her feet.
With Christian intentions
Affording my directions
I offered out my hand -
A gesture so grand.
She held my fingers fine -
Could she be mine,
This would be sublime,
Let's see in time.
She gazed into my eyes,
A pleasant surprise;
What does she see
Looking back at me,
A gentleman for sure
As I opened up a door,
Then offered her a seat -
Etiquette complete.
Then to wine and dine
This girl so fine,
And to notably entice
To being reciprocally nice.
As I walked her home
I was humbly prone
To give her little teases
With little squeezes.
A kiss before leaving,
Afterwards I'll be grieving
To be in her arms -
I'll be suffering alms.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 10/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

To Kenzie

Happy Birthday to Kenzie, nine today: and he will play happily, joyfully, and merrily with his new toys for boys, and Lacy May, his sister, will play together without the ploys of being coy, as she is brave in spirit, and partial to sharing, caring gestures to nurture with favour, as she and he are a delight to see sharing and caring for each other, and they are both like jesters, as they laugh and have fun with new times begun, and kenzie lights up brightly with this popularity in acting the fool, but not at school, as he is doing well under the spell of nurturing to spell, and his mother does dote on he and she, and is a source of peace and tranquillity, as she imparts the wisdom of Solomon, in socialising respectfully with their playground mentality.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 10/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

To Kenzie On His Birthday

Kenzie is a Birthday sensation,
He opens his presents with appreciation,
And has an aspiration to supplication,
As he shares without apprehension.

He is eulogising expressing his mother,
And is respectful to his loving father,
He is mischievous with his sister,
He is also a loving character to her.

The day will prosper with happiness,
They will be full of gladness,
With fun and games to play
Throughout their entire day.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 02/03/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

A Flare To Care

Clare was a sanctity of our relationship,
Offering sincere and gentle courtship,
She was a loving and caring partner
One to lovingly savour with favour.

She remedied my loneliness with gladness
And alleviated a lot of my sadness,
She understood me with a lot of empathy -
Heeding what I was believing in she.

She was all I desired, very passionate,
We loved for loving duration's to sate
Both of our appetites, and with this
We was in a supplicatory bliss.

Sadly we parted company, because of me
And my insanity, and I'd like to say to she,
That that was a travesty, I was unwell,
Suffering a tormented and cursed spell.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 09/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Friday, 7 April 2017

To My Love

My partner is the love of my life
She has settled now from previous strife
Of being lonely and very vulnerable
And perturbation of being unstable.

She is an endeavour of treasure
As every given moment together
Is cherished as a blessing -
As she is very trusting.

We hold hands all of the time
And exchange romantic verses of rhyme,
And cuddle and hug often for duration's
Offering passionate supplications.

She is a good character to nurture
Into a loving common-in-law-wife,
We can be in each others' favour
Throughout our entire life.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 07/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Ship Hand's Woe

Ahoy, aho,
No place to go
To escape the cold.

Were I bravely bold
I would leave this wheel
To go to peel
The ice from my hands.

Ahoy, aho,
No place to go
To escape the cold.

Off to foreign lands
With the promise of the sun,
A story I was sold -
I would have gladly not begun
If I knew the way was cold.

Ahoy, aho,
No place to go
To escape the cold.

We are still so far
From our glorious star
That visions of those
Hot sold shores
Lie buried under iced up pores.

Ahoy, aho,
No place to go
To escape the cold.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 07/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Spider

I'm small with long legs and a black hairy back,
I'm feeling alright but there is one thing I lack -
A nice big full belly and if I'm right with my hunch
It wont be too long before I get myself some lunch.

The human below with short, fair hair,
Had opened the window to let in some air;
Dodging flailing arms and shooing away
My waiting could be over as in flew my prey.

Walking on the walls and flying heartily about,
Flapping its wings and sniffing with its snout.
It walks on the table, then flies in the bin,
Searching for food that it might find within.

It flies up to the ceiling, then it flies down to the floor
It flies on up below me and lands upon the lounge door;
I hope it comes up near me and gets entangled in my web,
And I hope the human's bin brings it here to me well fed.

It leaps up off the door and gets caught up in my snare,
I spin my thread all over it so it cannot flee my lair;
I feel so very hungry, I haven't eaten since last night:
The juicy fly let out a sigh as I took a might bite.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 07/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My Grandchildren

Kenzie is a brotherly delight,
He loves Lacy with all of his might,
She plays playfully together,
Weathering their stormy weather.

Stormy as in their misbehaviour,
As they can be at each other,
Verbally and insensibly -
Often without responsibility.

Their parents are reprimanding,
But with an understanding
That children are sometimes unruly
And punish them appropriately.

They mostly play with fun and joy,
With neither of them being coy,
As they are boisterous in playfulness,
And love each other regardless of this.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 05/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Tony The Boss

Toni is a delight of insight,
As she knows about a gripe,
As she administers authority
To subordinates of a lesser degree.

She governs with fairness in mind,
And is partial to being kind,
As she is very supplementary
To kindly, administrative authority.

Her employees socialise in kind
And with this she does find
A respectability for she and he
Who go about their business fairly.

She is personable, amiable, and stable,
And stands respectfully tall
With a knowledge that to persevere
Without a tear is near to cheer.

As good times are yet to come,
Holidaying under our hot sun,
With her family in her custody,
A time of peace and tranquillity.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 05/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Missing You Clare

Clare, I love you humbly so,
And I wanted you to respectfully know,
That I am waiting for you
With feelings that are true.

You meant the whole world to me,
Please come and set me free
From the insanity of feeling passionately blue -
Without you feeling coo of what I mean to you.

You loved with a passionate flare,
And had in mind to considerately share,
You were an essence of paradise
Supplicating my needs with all things nice.

I'm missing you truly, and wisely
I long for you, and accommodatingly
I will see you through your hardship
Of suffering without our courtship.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 05/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

I Love You Sister

Kim is a wonderful human being,
She is a site worth seeing;
She has an upstanding morality
And is humane in sensibility.

In an essence she acts Christianly -
As she shares and cares respectfully;
And she has the wisdom of Solomon
With her knowledge about the Son.

She works all day nearly everyday,
And doesn't sway away to play,
As she gets the job neatly done
While labouring inside from the sun.

She cares for her offspring at home,
And they are appropriately prone
To help out about the place -
Cleaning up their dirty space.

She likes to socialise by having a drink,
Still being rational in how she does think,
She has her friendly friendships,
And is very helpful to others hardships.

She is a blessing which I do savour,
Mostly, I am always in her favour,
Kim, I love you in a loving essence
Which is a true love without pretence.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 04/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Overbearing Caring

Kim, my loving sister, is very caring,
But with this she can be overbearing,
As she always presumes that I am not well
And under a cursed and tormented spell.

Year after year I convincingly persevere,
But she is very insensate and insensible
About my trouble, and without a seeping tear
I will cheer my worries away by staying stable.

Apart from this, she is a delight of sight,
As she works with all of her given might,
She works in the day and sometimes the night
Aiding her employers throughout their plight.

I love her very so, and my love does grow,
And I want her to respectfully know,
That she means the world to me
Regardless of her insensibility.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 04/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Antony And Jane

Antony is my loving brother,
he is also a significant other,
As his common in law wife,
Jane, who keeps him sane
And free from most strife,
is a person to not put to shame,
As she isn't robotically vain -
And does refrain from this ill-gain.

She is a beauty to cherish and savour
Who respects responsible behaviour,
And he does adhere to her sentiments
So dear, and so hear this happy cheer
Of dedication and appreciation so sincere
With compliments of their achievements.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 03/04/2017

A sonnet.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Passed Caring

She's on the heroin - looking a sorry state indeed
Consuming the substance with considerable greed -
And as she rides the high intoxicated with powder
She becomes confident and starts being louder.

She would rob you blind if she possibly could
To inject the drugs into her waiting blood,
She a prominent member of the criminal fraternity -
But not one of popularity, despite her notoriety.

She studies premises and people for shoplifting,
Considered irritable, a nuisance and intimidating;
But she carries on regardless of her transgressions,
Sometimes getting arrested and making confessions.

She's in and out of prison all of the time,
With small sentences befitting to her crime,
But this doesn't deter her from re-offending
As she's in a vicious circle that's never ending.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 03/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Looking Up From Looking Down

I have a friend who deserves some luck,
But he plods on accepting life can suck,
He is strong willed and gets by
Without shedding a tear in either eye.

He's the master of his own destiny
And has attributes of being trustworthy,
A noble character indeed to behold -
A friendship worth more than gold.

He's very kind, giving and generous -
A prominent member of the populace;
He is very creative and productive
And considerably constructive.

We hug each other with manly embraces
And greet each other with friendly faces
And we exchange pleasing pleasantries
Without any patronising negativities.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 02/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


I walked for a mile
With a big smile -
It was all worthwhile.

The flowers were blooming,
Their colours consuming,
I picked some for grooming.

Blessed me walking free -
A spirit of ecstasy
Floating in glee.

Feeling the sun up high
I wondered what was nigh -
Merriment or a sigh.

Would she accept my charms,
As I am suffering alms
Out of her arms.

I'll accept my fate
Opening the garden gate;
I feel like bait.

She embraced me at the door,
My love I did implore
To carry on some more.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 02/04/2017

Rhyming triplets.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Why Me When I Want To Be Full Of Glee

She went away, to vent her frustration another way:
She cried and lied to protect herself with cautious stealth,
But deep within, she knew she committed sin -
And she was to blame for playing the game of being insane.

And what warrants scrupulous attention, is the mention
Of being apart from your faculties, as to tease my temper into life
With strife abound for the rebound of your sound,
But listen to me, and accept where I want to be - full of glee.

I'm quite happy on my own and I used to enjoy your company in my home,
But look at things with a perspective, and not to be neglective
Of my feelings, as I did care, I stare in disbelief at times with the crimes
Of injustice against myself, concerning your health, is it me, you just don't see.

Love is a feeling to keep at all times, and to share with your written lines,
And to be caring without being overbearing, and to speak on the phone about being alone:
But you're with your friends, make amends and think, and don't sink into depths of despair
About your hair, beware, I might not considerately care, as I am full of flare about your snare.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 02/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Why Me From You

She is stupid to presume I'm against her,
What is she thinking and why,
Am I stuck in a lair that isn't fair;
I shall cry and sigh.

It's a shame she never bit her tongue,
Such was the barrage of obscenities,
Which went on for so very long
Battering my sanity.

She made my insane with being vain
In appearance as well as in spirit,
She was the same playing the game
Of giving out shit with grit.

She accused me of being reprimanding -
With this I was not fully understanding;
She was unforgiving and really demanding,
I persevered conversing cursing.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 02/04/2017

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.