Thursday, 7 December 2017

A CPN Visit

I’m off to see my CPN today,
He’s going to check I’m okay
As I’ve had my meds reduced
So I am much less induced.
I am going back on tablets –
As of yet I have no regrets,
I am feeling sanely sane
And feeling much less pain. 

I used to be delusional,
And extremely irrational,
I was at times dysfunctional
And I’d end up in hospital.
I have bipolar to the extreme;
Paranoid I’d shout and scream. 

© Andrew Stevenson 07/12/2017
A sonnet.
CPN denotes 'Community Psychiatric Nurse'.
I've been well for a long while now, and am making steady progression of improving my health!
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Sorted Now

I sorted my computer out,
I eventually did it myself,
It is now working with clout –
Functioning in good health.
I can finally start working
On the novel that I am typing.
Now I am pleasantly pleased
And somewhat appeased. 

I wasted a hundred pages,
With printing that took ages,
As the print font was tiny –
Readers would struggle to see.
I’ve had a few days duration
Of suffering this frustration. 

© Andrew Stevenson 06/12/2017
A sonnet.
Thank  you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Thinking For Itself

My word document
Has a mind of its own,
It has no appeasement
Causing me to moan. 

There is wide margin
Causing sinful sin,
Like a comment column
Making me solemn. 

The print font is small,
Not sportily playing ball,
I’ve threw lots of pages away
With this insufferable decay. 

So I will make a phone call
To Microsoft to freshly install
My office programme
So it will work again. 

© Andrew Stevenson 06/12/2017
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

A Gripe Of My Plight

I had my injection before,
I travelled there in my car,
It is not that much of a chore
As it is not that far.
I don’t like needles that much
As they can hurt to the touch,
I’m glad I’ll be off them soon
As I’m not acting like a loon. 

I got praised by a pretty female
Who has read a chapter of my novel,
She gave me ten out of ten
And copied it to read again.
I saw my friend at the centre
And shared some friendly banter. 

© Andrew Stevenson 05/12/2017
A sonnet.
Please note, I don't mind taking medication, but in tablet form, and not injections, which leave me feeling tired most of the time.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Rose And Charlie

Rose loved love, and was falling for her boyfriend, not yet head over heels, but making a steady progression. He was gentle in his ways, which she liked, but he can at times, or so it seemed, to keep her at arm’s length! She struggled in depth at this characteristic, and his unwillingness to delve deeper into her feelings, as she cared a lot for him, but this sin was hurting deep within, and she’d treated him like her kin, with a liking of wanting more. 

Her boyfriend, Charlie, was a site to see. He had bulging muscles, making him very stocky, and Rose liked his manly shape, and often did gape at a trait of him flexing – which was appeasing and pleasing. She was only petite, but she liked being small, and Charlie would often pick her up with his strength, for a hug. She lusted over his form, and would often give him a massage, and not just for pleasing him, as it pleased her to feel his large shoulders. 

She thought of having children with him, as she craved to be a mother, but his reluctance to become closer was a niggling factor, as would he stay to brighten up her day to day rot and decay, as she was feeling shunned a little, which haunted her thoughts, which played on her mind. She looked at other mothers, and envied their lives, as she wanted children so much, but as of yet hadn’t met the right male to be a loving father, to equal her love. Charlie was desirable and amiable, and very personable, and seemed to be stable, but would he be able to commit deeper into their relationship, as in letting himself go with the flow of what she does sow, which does grow, as in her feelings for him. 

Rose contemplated her life: she was in a relationship without proper courtship, and she wanted to be wined and dined the more, as Charlie wasn’t poor, and he knows the score as she’s told him before, and did implore for him to stop her feeling more sore at him being a bore, treating it as a chore to open up a restaurant door. Could she change him for the better? She’d at least try, and keep asking him why he won’t socialise more. She liked going out dancing, and having a laugh out from her gaff, but he liked staying in watching sports on TV, a travesty to she, wanting he to be more free, as in not staying in so much, getting out of touch with family and friends, so she would make amends by being more of an influence, with perseverance.
She would soldier on, regardless of not having much fun, but he did have his charms, but she was suffering alms not much in his palms! She wanted more attention, and for him to heed her supplication. She would nurture him to be in her favour, adhering to a loving behaviour much more to her liking. 

© Andrew Stevenson 05/12/2017
A 500 word short story.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Glowing With Singing

Rihanna is a star that does shine,
She is a glowing beacon sign
To steer you in her direction
As she is a singing sensation.
She has graceful movement
That needs no improvement,
As she is blessed with more
With humble roots of being poor. 

She is a honey with money
And is beautifully sexy,
I’m impressed with her dress
That shows more and not less.
I like to listen to her music
With various songs to pick. 

© Andrew Stevenson 05/12/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sing That He Is King

I will joyfully sing
That Jesus is King,
Praise a hymn
That worships Him;
Hear His song
That you belong
In the throng
Of forgiving. 

Those sinning
By transgressing
Are a minority
To everybody.
Christians are in a mass
With a love for Him to last. 

© Andrew Stevenson 03/12/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Scope Of Hope

I hope to meet a fair maiden,
Who’d like to see me again,
I would treat her like a Lady
By my having respectability
With etiquette and chivalry,
And I can have a sensibility
Of lovingly courting she
Romantically to be happy. 

I’ve been single for too long,
And now I want to belong
In a loving relationship
With a friendly friendship.
I’m searching while travelling
For a Lady who is caring.

© Andrew Stevenson 04/12/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Be Sensible With A Parable

Jesus taught with a parable,
And those who were sensible
Would let this seed grow
In to what they needed to know,
And to heed with belief
With respectable behaviour
Of forgiving the thief
Preached by our Saviour. 

His followers spread the word
Wherever it could be heard,
And praised Jesus’ wisdom
To those who would listen.
Jesus helped those in plight
And told them not to fight. 

© Andrew Stevenson 02/12/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Vex About My Ex

I'm glad I’m not with Fiona,
My son and daughters mother,
As she is too bossy for me
Often not making me happy.
But she is a good grandmother
To Lacey May and Kenzie,
They all love each-other
Which is pleasing to see. 

I took her out shopping
With our loving daughter,
They were both purchasing
Gifts to be from Santa.
Fiona can be very generous –
And also deeply serious. 

© Andrew Stevenson 02/12/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Celestial Believing

Christians believe in the Son,
Respecting his Godly wisdom,
He preached about Heaven above
And that God was all about love.
Lots go to Church attending mass
Celebrating Jesus who didn’t pass,
As He still lives on in Heaven
Calling on us – God’s children. 

We are all Christian brethren,
Who can all be forgiven
When we open up to Him
Free of any sinful sin.
He is the Way and Light
And can aid you in plight. 

© Andrew Stevenson 02/12/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Have Less Stress With Rest

It is Sunday tomorrow,
A day that is blessed
With what Jesus did sow
That we should rest.
He preached forgiveness
To those who transgress,
So heed with greed
This – His planted seed. 

Some will humbly pray
For a brighter and better day
Where He will have His way
Of having the last say.
Jesus was God’s only Son
Preaching His wise wisdom. 

© Andrew Stevenson 02/12/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Able To Be Amicable

I picked my grandson up today,
From his nan’s where he did stay,
She lives in the next town along
So it didn’t take me that long:
I took him to a toy superstore
Where he did implore for more,
But he’ll have to wait for Christmas
When and where he’ll be blessed. 

I enjoyed having a chat with him,
And we talked about our kin,
He is resentful of his loving sister
And is argumentative with her.
But he can be sweetly adorable
And also lovingly respectful. 

© Andrew Stevenson 02/12/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Out And About

I’ve been shopping with my daughter,
She was with her loving mother;
They were both wisely responsible
In how much space was in my vehicle.
They bought a nice rug for Lacey May
Who was at her Dad’s Mum’s today.
They went to many a superstore
Spending until they got more poor. 

It was nice to spend time with them,
And I’m sure we’ll go shopping again,
My ex can be very bossy to me
And I’m glad I’m no-longer with she.
Fiona spent lots of money on Georgia
As she is always in her favour. 

© Andrew Stevenson 02/12/2017
A sonnet.
Lacey May is my granddaughter, Fiona is my ex, and Georgia is my daughter.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Zestful Appeal

I used to like winking
To express ‘I love you’,
You thought this pleasing
And reciprocated too.
I liked holding your hand
While we were wayfaring,
A gesture you thought grand
As it expressed caring. 

I am missing your passion
As you had a zest for life:
I liked you being a Christian
And want you as my wife.
We could share our forever
Loving each other together. 

© Andrew Stevenson 01/12/2017
A sonnet.
A past poem about Clare, that I didn't post.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

A Girlfriend With Trend

I am held in suspension
And without any pretention
I will steer in your direction
Not to sway another’s' way.
Will you come out to play,
It will be a brighter day
As I am now not insane
And like honour in I name. 

I was not myself
Suffering ill-health,
I’m sorry we split
With me getting sick.
I have patiently waited
And am now sedated.

© Andrew Stevenson 30/11/2017
A sonnet.
A past poem about Clare, that I didn't post.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Writing Keeps Me Sane

I’ve been reading my novel,
Over four-hundred pages,
I’ve still got a way to go
Before I might get wages.
I’m on chapter thirteen
And I am keenly keen
To keep the flow going
Of what I will be typing. 

Writing keeps my busy
And stops me being lazy,
I have something to do
While not feeling blue.
I am proud of myself
Keeping in good health. 

© Andrew Stevenson 30/11/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Pleasing Conversing

I am going to see
My sister tonight,
She is pleasantly
A nice delight.
She’ll greet me
With a warm smile,
Which is nice to see –
Worth my while. 

My nephew will be there
With a few of his mates,
He likes to humbly share
As he has good traits.
I will enjoy my evening
Of pleasing conversing. 

© Andrew Stevenson 29/11/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

I Experienced Glee With Thee

I was very happy,
And gladly
I say to thee
Come back to me;
We were heavenly
Sharing tranquillity.
I liked our cuddling
Which was pleasing. 

Are you still in denial,
You’re a worthwhile trial
Of my respective patience.
You had a loving essence.
I remember you in-kind
Conversing in rhyme. 

© Andrew Stevenson 28/11/2017
A sonnet.
A past poem about Clare, that I didn't post.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

An Open And Shut Case

I’ve had my window fixed,
The workmen have gone,
I am now not vexed
As the Jobs a good one.
It only took them an hour
With their tools with power:
They came an hour early
And were humorously witty. 

I made them a few cups of tea,
Chatting with them I was happy,
They were respectable men
Who I’d welcome again.
I no-longer feel the breeze
That was making me sneeze. 

© Andrew Stevenson 28/11/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Vexed Until Fixed

I get my window fixed today,
It is in a state of decay,
Workmen are coming at one
To get the job done.
It currently doesn’t close
Leaving me with lots of woes,
Especially having a cold nose
As the frosty wind blows. 

I think I’m coming down
With an unwelcome virus,
As my coughing has grown
And I am eating much less.
I have a good immune-system I’m told
Hardly ever suffering from flu or cold. 

© Andrew Stevenson 28/11/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Feel My Heart-Beat

Do you feel my heart-beat,
My palpitations are full of you,
From my head down to my feet
I am down, feeling bluely blue.
We had a good friendship
Throughout our courtship;
You were current and hip
While I was a sinking ship. 

I sank to depths of despair
A trauma you were aware,
But you didn't stop and stare
As you had a loving care.
I got wrapped up in myself
Suffering this ill-health. 

© Andrew Stevenson 27/11/2017
A sonnet.
A past poem about Clare, that I didn't post.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

A Message To Clare With Care

You had an essence of caring
While respectfully sharing,
We were a good pairing
As we were both giving.
Are you in a relationship
And do you miss our courtship.
I still think about you
And am glad that I do. 

I am no-longer mad
Acting insanely bad,
I was a threat to myself
While suffering ill-health.
But now I am happily happy
Seeking thee to be with me.

© Andrew Stevenson 27/11/2017
A sonnet.
A past poem about Clare, that I didn't post.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Heavenly Or Hellishly

I didn’t get up until nine,
And I went to bed at eleven,
I am now feeling fine
After dreams of heaven –
Celestial Angels in flight
Soaring with a Godly might,
Wishes beyond compare
Can be granted there. 

Often, I am hag-ridden,
I accept my suffering fate,
As I have already forgiven
My mind for this that I hate.
My heaven or hell I can relate
After remembering when I wake. 

© Andrew Stevenson 27/11/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Seeking A Pairing With Caring

I like sharing with caring,
And seek a loving pairing
With a Lady of a similarity
Who could respectfully be
My honey making me happy.
I am at the moment free
But feel a little lonely,
So seek she for company. 

Who will I meet and greet
While walking the street,
I hope she is a delicious treat
Offering loving so sweet.
Over a year I’ve been single
Which is deeply regrettable. 

© Andrew Stevenson 26/11/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

The Trinity

God is watching over you,
Christians believe it’s true,
He is Paternally loving
And likes us praying.
He is not a bitter-pill
Because we have free-will,
He likes to patiently instil
That it’s wrong to cause ill. 

With His wise wisdom
He gave us Jesus, His Son,
And that belief in Him
Could free you from sin.
The Holy Spirit hears
And comforts some fears. 

© Andrew Stevenson 26/11/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Sea Of Possibility

A pleasant Lady messaged me,
There’s plenty of fish in the sea,
I will dip my toe in pleasingly
To find a loving, caring honey.
I will treat her respectfully
As I am gentlemanly to a Lady.
I hope things go swimmingly
In her making me happy. 

She will be current and hip
And looking sexually-fit,
And she’ll act Christianly
With a sense of sensibility.
The ocean is a large place
To find she who has grace. 

© Andrew Stevenson 25/11/2017
A sonnet.
Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.